Studio Series 86 Appreciation Thread


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Leaked SS86 Core Ratchet. I’ll be passing on the deluxe vans since I’m happy with ER but I’ll definitely get the core ones.


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Speaking of characters with limited screen time in the movie. :D

I like how they included two blasters so you can recreate the scene where he gets mowed down. I think the Masterpiece is the last time he shipped with two pistols?


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While I'm all for this, G1 Ratchet's been confined to Selects and exclusives despite having a decent role in both Marvel and IDW comics.
I suppose we'll be seeing Prime Ratchet in Legacy.

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I always figured Swoop would be last.

Hopefully he’s a Voyager and comes with a bunch of swords and stuff for all the Dinobots.
I still think Voyager will be too small for Swoop. Remembering guys like Galvatron and Blitzwing are Leaders and Soundwave, Inferno, and Hot Rod are Voyagers.

Make him a Leader with wings and missiles. Packing in five swords with a Voyager priced figure would make him the size of WFC Sideswipe. :D

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That's twice the screentime of several Star Wars toy characters!
Yes, but some kids loved the goofball aliens and the Sad Bastards will actually recognize and pick up "Glup Shitto", so it worked out for Kenner and Hasbro.

Heck, I'm reasonably certain that the subline for The Force Needs Five More Minutes had characters who were scripted and filmed, but were in a cut scene....


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Too small to really be considered a Studio 86 release. Wake me up when Hasblo releases a decent, CHUG Ratchet and Ironhide.
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I love it. I've got a pretty good collection of tiny Transormers going back to the old Legends of Cybertron days, but there's never been a G1 Ratchet or Ironhide before, or even reasonable substitutes (such as Prime Wheeljack filling in for his G1 Self). Very much looking forward to him and his inevitable repaint.


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:red crotch:
:red fists:
:shoulder insignia:

So they DO know what he’s supposed to look like…
Apparently not...

(Yeah, I know.... I really don't expect Studio Series to finally give me the Marvel version. Still, I'll never not prefer these colors to the animation model)

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Yeah, that Ratchet is an insta-buy, considering Marvel and IDW Ratchets are my favorite TF characters, I just wish they'd give us a red-helmet version at some point. (I justified snagging SS Bumblebee Ratchet the other day for the same reason--fantastic toy!)

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