‘DuckTales: Treasure Trove’ Graphic Novel Coming From IDW

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Disney classic, and one of the best Disney animated series, DuckTales. Like the original series before it, the new DuckTales series is spearheading a new renaissance of Disney Afternoon animation. IDW Publishing, in conjunction with Disney Publishing, is bringing our favorite ducks back in a comic book series to coincide with the new […]

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Die-Cast Scorponok Titan Master To Be Released?

During the HasCon Transformers Brand Panel on Sunday, September 10th, the Transformers brand team provided details regarding the die-cast Ultra Magnus Titan Master included with the HasCon exclusive Titans Return Arcee.  In particular, they noted that Ultra Magnus represents Intelligence, while also referring to Rodimus Prime, included in the Chaos on Velocitron boxset, who representing speed and Thunderwing, included in […]

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ToyHax.com Labels for Titans Return Trypticon

If there’s one strike against Titans Return – and the upcoming Power of the Primes – it’s the often-frustrating, generally unfinished-looking foil stickers. The flagship Titan figures lower the bar again, leaving stickers to be user-applied, often with confusing or inaccurate instructions. ToyHax.com (née Reprolabels) has a solution with professional labels for TR Trypticon. Comments

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