Toys R Us Reveals More Closure Details; KB Toys and Others Eye US Toy Market Vacuum

Per Business Insider, Toys R Us has indicated that all locations are scheduled for closure, while hoping to sell 200 of its top locations before their closure dates. Full liquidation sales are expected to roll out, possibly beginning this week. Meanwhile, zombie brand KB Toys may jump to roll out a brick and mortar presence for next year’s holiday season.  […]

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Loose Images of Cyber Battalion Sideswipe

Via Snakas and originally from 赛博坦之声88 on weibo, we have robot and alternate mode images of Cyber Battalion Sideswipe, wave-mate with the upcoming Shockwave and retool of Cyber Battalion Prowl. These follow the previous Cyber Battalion releases of Jetfire and Starscream, in a similar vein to the evergreen-styled “Authentics” lineup but exclusive to Walgreens stores in the US. Comments

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