Peace through Megatron: Escapist Magazine feature on IDW’s atoning Decepticon leader

In the wake of IDW Publishing’s long-running Transformers continuity, longtime fans and new readers alike have had much to reflect on. For better or worse, IDW’s take on Generation 1 characters and concepts pushed Transformers fiction into heretofore-unseen territory. Allsparker MrBlud has encountered and shared an article from Escapist Magazine, mulling over the heel-face turn that Decepticon leader Megatron underwent […]

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TFSource Sponsor News – Black Friday Week Day 1! MP-10 Golden Lagoon Optimus Prime – $99.99! SAVE $80

TFSource updates this week with the first day in a week of sales, meaning deeply-cut specials on a couple of top-notch items! Meanwhile, Studio Series Bumblebee and Shadow Raider, DX9’s Ancestrod, and TFC’s Techtial Commander are all in stock or arriving this week, while there are new preorders fresh from Magic Square, TF Dream Factory, and War for Cybetron: Siege! […]

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