Combiner Wars Packaging Art Sketches by Marcelo Matere & Ken Christiansen!

Via their Facebook accounts, artists Ken Christiansen and Marcelo Matere have posted their artwork of Combiner Wars packaging art! Ken Christiansen posted his sketches for Optimus Prime and Aerialbots Alpha Bravo, Skydive, and Silverbolt! While the incomparable, Marcelo Matere, posted the outstanding art piece that went into making Victorion‘s packaging art. Take a look at the mirrored image below and be sure to discuss […]

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Hasbro Asia Exclusive Gold MP-05G Megatron with Reflector Reappears at BBTS, at Deep Discount

It’s not the “lucky draw” vacuum metalized Golden Lagoon MP-36, but it’ll pass if you squint hard enough: This 2014 redeco of the original Masterpiece Megatron mold sports a crisp gold deco with black and purple accents, includes a miniature Reflector for Megatron to capture those important moments with, and is priced to move at $79.99. Comments

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TakaraTomy Legends Rereleases Are Shipping – Wheelie, Scourge, Blurr

Twitter user TAABOU’S TOYBOX reports that TakaraTomy Legends Wheelie, Scourge, and Blurr from the recent reissue have begun to ship, with in-hand photos. Chosen as candidates for rerelase in a fan poll alongside Chromedome and Fortress Maximus, the trio attracted enough preorders to launch a second run, with Windblade, Arcee, and Ultra Magnus still to come. Comments

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