First Glimpse of Cyberverse Animation and Hasbro Goals for Transformers Brand Unity

License Global details Hasbro’s push to engage with Transformers as a “360-lifestyle brand”, explaining how the Bumblebee movie, Cyberverse, the Prime Wars web shows, and all the many other elements of the Transformers franchise connect with one another, connect to the history of the Transformers property, and connect generations of fans. Included is a frame from the Cyberverse animation. Comments

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Hasbro Facebook Video Showcases Machinima’s Requiem Blaster

Hasbro posted short video posted yesterday via their Transformers Facebook page, showcasing the Requiem Blaster as imagined by Machinima for the Power of the Primes web series. The second and third episodes revealed much of the history the video presents, but the video nonetheless confirms (that is, spoils) a couple of upcoming reveals. (Spoilers after the jump.) Comments

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