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Could we get a Galvatron a Cyclouns and a Rodimus Prime added on in this line at some point and if we do what class's would they likely be?

Galvatron, leader, Cyclonus, voyager, Rodimus, commander, I say this, because, all three have already been done and they are the most faithful verisons of the characters to date, so its likely they would be reissues with maybe a slightly different paint job

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I'd totally be good with a SS86 Megatron that turned into a cannon/Howitzer. It would also fit with the upgrade that Galvatron got to be a space cannon of sorts. Though a G1 Megs with tires on him might seem a tad odd.

Is there any precedent for Studio Series taking an existing mold from another line and just putting into it's own? I suppose Sunstreaker could be a first, but I would hope for a bit of a re-do.

Not really but Jazz being used for Knock Out suggests it's not like some impossible thing. And we know some of the SS86 toys were originally going to be Kingdom toys.


It's happened a few times. Early on they used the TLK Cogman, Berserker, and Nitro molds. More recently, Coronation Starscream's a retool of Earthrise Starscream, and Buzzworthy Cliffjumper and the supposedly upcoming Hound are a redeco of Earthrise Cliffjumper and a retool of Siege Hound respectively. And of course there are cases going the other direction, like the aforementioned Knock Out or both Velocitron and SG Blurrs.


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Could we get a Galvatron a Cyclouns and a Rodimus Prime added on in this line at some point and if we do what class's would they likely be?
I'd be surprised if they did a Galvatron or Cyclonus that weren't made from the Kingdom molds, so Leader and Voyager respectively..

Rodimus Prime, on the other hand, would not be the Kingdom mold in Studio Series, because Studio Series standards of screen accuracy would require the robot to turn into the entire vehicle. He'd probably be a Leader.


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Official reveals of Leader class Dinobot Snarl and Core class Ironhide



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Ironhide is pre-ordered. I'm trying to think, off the top of my head, who from the S1-2 Autobots hasn't been done in a Core or Legends class(granted, Core scale isn’t 1:1 with Legends, but they're close)? Sideswipe and Sunstreaker for sure, Wheeljack (though Prime Legion works well), and Inferno/Grapple? Who am I missing?

EDIT: Also, Core Blurr and Kup anytime, Hasbro.


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I threw down for SS86 Snarl but am skipping Tinyhide, just as I skipped Lil' Ratchet. I'm sure they're cool and all, but I don't have a spot for them and I've already got enough iterations of both.

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I was going to get a mini-Ratchet and turn him into Fixit, but then Deathsaurus happened, so now I will have Fixit anyway, albeit in the MOST EXPENSIVE way possible...that's also why I'm skipping quite a bit of things, really. But the Dinobots look awesome, and I do wonder how likely a box set will be later for Dinoking (or while I'm dreaming, a Selects release that costs too much but comes with simple organic dino shells to hold the robot dino modes, like a variation on the Beast Pretenders).


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Yeah, I feel if they were doing shells they wouldn't have bothered with dinomodes. Wouldn't mind that swerve though.

Its why this set is top of my recent wants. Its wild.

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Good thing Target is still pricing SS Core at $8.50. Rumble is small enough that it doesn’t feel like a total rip, but I might be a bit salty if I was paying Hasbro’s 11.99 MSRP on it.


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I preordered both through Pulse but realized they were $7 cheaper through Amazon US. So I switched my preorder…

Why do I feel like I made a mistake?


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I order from Amazon all the time. Only because I'm trying to save money, of course. 😖

I pre-ordered a SS86 Snarl. Looking forward to him. I didn't order an Ironhide. I already have the Ratchet. The mold is kind of a pain and isn't in my preferred scale, so it was easy to skip Ironhide.

I noticed Snarl is #86-19. What happened to 86-18? Is it the Buzzworthy Hound?

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