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Sunny's passion for her humble food service job is so very Pony, and it would be nice if our world were like that.

I can't believe they made it actually cute when Sparky tries to talk. TYT is the best version of the character... most of the time.

And there his is imitating Hitch giving orders to the crowd.

Sunny hit her head a little hard and now she's in pun mode.

It's subtle, but every little movement from the characters seems to have more key frames than they used to.

I didn't think we'd see this bunny again.

Hitch sees an egg this big and assumes he'll be able to tame whatever's in it. He is fully embracing his Fluttershy heritage now.

I have a feeling they will never explain why this egg is covered in buttons.

They are really flexing that new budget. Rolling the camera in a 2D show without an abstract background? Neat.

Stop with the introdumps. It's short this time but still. We know who Sunny is.

Music sounds very Sega Genesis today.

Oh. It's Ho-oh.

In fairness to Posey here... what would you do?

This still makes more sense than our Easter.

I was wrong. Egg puzzle was a gift.

Sunny is still in pun mode.

Rare everypony laughs ending. Really. This is actually remarkably rare in G5.


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Poor intern. He was unpaid, but not unloved. He did the bare minimum...and can we truly ask for anything more? He leaves behind his ball of rubber bands, another project left unfinished. He stole our lunches out of the break-room fridge...and our hearts.

...Just watch, the episode will randomly drop at 3 AM on a Sunday or something.
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wonko the sane?

You may test that assumption at your convinience.
Oh right, so long as we're talking about episodes in general: the netflix cut is actually pretty good these days. 20+ minute episodes, with four shorts per episode. It's actually pretty nice to watch, and seems to be basically up to date, by which I mean they have season 2 eps already.


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Okay, still no new episode. BUT we are getting a teaser for a "special" episode some point.. I'm guessing it might be one of the slightly longer specials we were promised.



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TYT is discovering marketing. Still hasn't discovered release dates.

I wonder if it goes back to the idea that TYT was meant to be a substitute for toy commercials, to a greater extent than Hasbro cartoons are already toy commercials. They didn't think they needed to advertise their advertisements. But then the production crew just tried really hard and the show blew up more than Hasbro had any plans for, and they're still adjusting.


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That kinda sounds like you are saying the only reason TYT is doing so well is solely on how hard the production crew worked on TYT, and let's face it, that's not true.

Not to belittle their efforts, but the real reason TYT blew up so much is because it's free on youtube, and Make your Mark was behind a paywall on Netflix. Of course the free cartoon anyone can watch will do better.

I think my main concern right now is do we know if the toyline is doing well? Honestly I don't even know any stores that still sell pony. My Targets and Walmarts around me have nothing most times. If Make Your Mark got decent viewship on Netflix I could see them continuing the show. If the toyline isn't moving, I see them just canceling TYT randomly and we might not get any sort of conclusion to any stories they are trying to tell.


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22 minutes! The specials are here.

I still don't like G5 music. That's one area where G4 put in all the effort and is still unmatched.

It's weird seeing Zipp be the enthusiastic one. She must have found the coffee.

These pastries look fine. Either someone else set the oven or Sunny is improving.

Too soon.

This opening has gone on far too long. Get on with it.

The villain still exists!

Izzy needs to find Zipp's coffee.

It's an Izzy freakout episode. Every pony gets one.

I took enough film classes to know what happened here. Someone in the writers room had writer's block and decided to write an episode about why they were having a hard time writing an episode. I did stuff like that.

This is definitely not TYT expanded to 22 minutes. This is TYT attempting MYM pacing. ... Now I'm wondering if this is an adaptation of a canceled MYM script.

Hey, it's the cave Pipp and Zipp were stuck in.

The Brighthouse is haunted and Izzy is just okay with it.

Misty speaking on behalf of introverts here.

We know who these characters are. Stahp.

Videogame map screen.

Dragons remain friendly yet inherently dangerous.

Shoo be doo.

Abandoned fairground... that somehow went unnoticed this entire time.

Aww, does she actually care about Twitch?

Izzy repaint revealed. This isn't even her final form.

This remains the most easily thwarted villain of all time. She's just a harmless kitty.

Just be cool, Pipp.

I'm still weirded out that this abandoned fairground was just sitting here this whole time and nopony noticed.

RIP MYM. This was 100% going to be the first episode of the next MYM chapter, but MYM is done and whatever scripts they were working on got handed over to the TYT team to salvage.


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Oh boy, so this is basically what we have to look forward to eh? It's not terrible, but I'm missing Make Your Mark already.

Okay let's get this started.

Uh if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you should probably have something other than a doughnut.

Everypony joining in the dance number was fun.

Izzy has serious problems. She's having an inanimate object talk to her.

Aurora isn't forgotten, but she's not really important to this episode. She's basically only there for the staff to say: "Hey we haven't forgotten her!"

So I guess the Nova Charm can just open a door to anywhere. Makes sense why Aurora wants it. Her 'older brother' is likely trapped somewhere and wants her to break him out with it.

"It's not polite to stare" I'm sorry who the hell are you? We pop in, get only a few moments and we're gone.

We see Spike's daughter Jade again! (No it's not confirmed, I just like that headcannon)

"We don't always know how things are going to turn out Izzy. Sometimes we just have to jump!" And if you don't catch her, she ends up as a stain on the ground! I get what you want to portray here, but I don't think you are using the best example.

Sea pony time. It doesn't surprise me in the least bit Izzy has something like that to breath underwater.

We get the sea pony Destiny. Hippogriffs that decided to remain sea ponies forever? Or will she have the ability to turn hippogriff just encoded into her DNA?

Cutie Marks combine.

Destiny: We're married now.

Not sure why it did what it did. At this point I have no idea if we'll see Destiny, or whoever the hell the snow pony was again. I'd assume yes for at least Destiny.

Abandoned fair grounds that were just convenantly never mentioned or shown before despite being that close to Mare Time Bay. Yeah that's really weird, but ironically it DOES give a good idea as to where the Haunted house Misty used in the Nightmare Night episode came from. I'm betting it's part of these fair grounds.

Izzy: "I made this for you and this for you." The hell you did. The Nova charm did weird magic nonsense and just made all of this out of nowhere. Just like the marestream, and I'm still not a big fan of that.

Aurora: "No! We were so close! We're trapped here forever!" Uh, you saw the thing break into shards and go power the equipment right? Just... go get those shards and put them back together or something. Also does this mean Comet is just stuck here never to see his friends back in Starlight ever again?

This felt less like a MYM concept being downgraded to TYT status, and more like TYT was trying to string a bunch of five minute shorts into a full episode. Way too fast paced for my liking. I have a feeling if it really was a rejected MYM concept, having it in the MYM style would have given the story two or more episodes to play out. At the very least I think it would have been a 40 minute special or something.

Hate to say it but I think I have my stance on this. This isn't terrible and I'll take it compared to nothing at all, but I'm starting to wish we never got TYT. It always felt like MYM and TYT were trying to play off each other and failing. I'd much rather they put all their focus on MYM, given us better planned out seasons, and took the time to properly sort out the ideas they have for this series. As it stands now, I'm just not that confident the remaining 3 TYT specials are going to do it justice.
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I found this pretty slowly paced, at least for the first half. Like the MYM script was only half finished and the rest was just bullet points.

I doubt TYT influenced the production of MYM in any way. The lead times are just too different. It's possible that it was never planned for TYT to play off MYM either, but they saw the opportunity and went for it.

It's a modern Marvel US/UK situation.


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*Looks at the runtime* Yep, we've got us a longer special!

Who left that camera in the flying snail migration path?

"Nothing can possibly go wrong" song time!

The floor plan of this Brighthouse is a enigma. Do they really not have any sort of walls between their "rooms"? This has been a thing since the beginning and it's still weirding me out.

Curly-Maned Pipp is here! Her height has been doubled!

...I'm not sure if I'll ever understand some women's love for curly hair.

Misty's just happy it's not the wild racoonicorns jumping on her bed like at Opaline's place.

*Misty slides in*!

SENIOR BUTTERSCOTCH! As if he'd miss the first special!

Wait, how many plates do Hitch and Sparky use in the mornings? It's just the two of them in there!

Posey loves flash mobs! Finally, something she likes! Posey's embraced the madness count...1!

Does Windy work for Sunny now? I mean, I guess they all do, sorta, since she's the alicorn and all, but still. Does she get a wage?

Flare's really rocking that Super Saiyan 3 look.

Izzy needs to get back to bed.

Allura's ice powers are OVER 9000!

Allura runs hot. Too bad the summers are hotter.

Oh no, Izzy (and the writers) are already running out of plots!

The blockywockys...I hear there's a cereal for that.

Pipp has already abandoned her new hair do. What comic misadventures did we miss? She probably got her hair ruined but learned a valuable life lesson? I guess we'll never know.

Okay, someone needs to keep a closer eye on the Pippsqueaks. Their lives are in danger WAY too often.

"..and Misty not having a friend to talk to" You mean, like, last month? How much time has actually passed since they met her?

Aww, poor pouty Izzy.

Oh, we're doing a inspirational magic speech already? Okay, problem solved. This IS where the story ends, in most episodes.

So...vacation? Is that what we're doing this episode?

"If you're not feeling your best, it's time to go on a quest" Why do I feel like Zipp wrote that back when Pipp had the flu?

Allura went to the beach? But, it's even HOTTER there!

Allura does seem to have leveled up, though. She can now use HM06 Rock Smash!

Oh, that's why Twitch follows Allura around. She's his blanket. Makes sense.

Wait...isn't this Pipp and Zipp's song cave from Make Your Mark?

"A bag packed...for me?!" I guess the Brighthouse wants you out, too. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

...Is this all a plot by the "Mysterious Voice" to get Misty all alone?

I swear, just add some avocados to your diet and your "blockywockys" will clear right up.

Oh gosh, Izzy made little pens with everyone's faces on them. That's so cute!

Yeah, WE wanted to go on vacation, too! I mean, we have a family van ready to go and everything!

This is kind of famously on brand for Izzy. She did just take off from Bridlewood to find a friend in Maretime Bay.

"Being alone isn't always so bad, Hitch" In fact, sometimes I kind of miss being alone. And having a room that I'm not sharing with 4 other girls.

I mean, you guys all do have phones. You could just...stay with me on her?

Aw, Posey and Dahlia seem to have a little garden together. That's nice.

*Somewhere far away* Finally, I, LAVAN, have returned to conquer this world once more! Wait...what's tha..*explodes in rainbows*.

Oh right, Izzy is the keeper of the Portal Crystal. I kind of forgot about that. And this map seems to indicate that it's more of a teleporter than a dimensional portal. I guess all these places are on the same planet. They answered a mystery! Thank you!

I don't think we've ever met this pony. Or her bird. (Stardance, according to the credits)

A dance with the stars! I call Virgo!

Oh, the Dragonlands are part of the portal network. Good to know.

"Did you just say you brought a contagious disease into our kingdom?"

I mean, Izzy does have magic. She should be able to save herself. I guess we can blame the blockywockys for her not thinking of that at all.

Everyone is surprisingly chill with this ball of hair and sugar having a magical doorway into their homes.

Of course she has a oxygen mask on her. She's Batmare!

SEAPONIES! Ponies of the sea!

Destiny, a anglerfish seapony, given the light on her head. Kind of a neat design.

So, given the focus on "laughter", I have to wonder if Destiny is a descendant of Pinkie Pie.

So this entire quest was just so Izzy could learn to braids? ...Okay...

Mazel Tov! You're married!

Adventure over! What a exciting...afternoon, I guess. one's gonna notice the new ice cave on the highly trafficked beach?

Oh, Allura knows that Izzy has the Nova Charm now!

And...random abandoned amusement park? That' for something so old.

So, Izzy has her new project! To restore the old abandoned amusement park that's DEFINITELY always been there. Yes, sir.

"Like Starlight and moonshine..." Hey, c'mon, Starlight Glimmer got her drinking problem under control, no need to bring it up again.

Her creative juices are getting all over the place! Someone get a mop!

"Twitch! Look out!" Aw, Allura cares about her bunny-buddy.

Oh no, Izzy's got Rainbow Power now! Someone's about to taste the rainbow!

Oh, those racoonicorns are having another rave in the woods! We better put a stop to that, before they burn down Posey's house again.

"No! No, stop your magical nonsense right now! I just want to go home!"

Okay, so the Nova Charm is broken to make the fair grounds magical, I guess.

I thought maybe this was going to be a season-long restoration, but I guess we're fixing it all up tonight. So...that kind of leaves Izzy with the same problem of needing a new project like before, right? We're right back where we started.

So...they're all running a carnival on the pier now? Okay. I guess. Fine.

And somehow, they all manage to not notice the leopard in the room.

Hitch Trailblazer: Carnival Cop!

(Also, he's using his special Hitch-shaped pen)

Misty gets flavored popcorn! Best night ever!

"I had a date with Destiny" Wait, I was kidding before, ARE they supposed to be a couple, now?

...Wait. Stardance. Blaize. Destiny. Was this entire special just about Izzy building a harem?

Now everyone can rock that Anakin Skywalker look that's so in right now!

The Board-Trot! It...kind of sounds like a stomach condition. But, I suppose it's already on the toys, by now.

And they get a entire carnival to themselves for the night. Money is no object when you have MAGIC!

Izzy started with the Blockywockys and ended up with the Board-trots. We've come full circle.

Okay, so now Sunny, Misty, and Izzy have magical powerups. I guess we're probably getting some for Pipp, Zipp, and Hitch before the end.

And our villain is foiled again...from getting home. I feel conflicted about this.

Also does this mean Comet is just stuck here never to see his friends back in Starlight ever again?
I'm guessing the various carnival games actually create portals to different lands? I dunno, I guess we'll see. I doubt this is the last we'll see of these various places. Portals will probably be popping up randomly and lead to comical misadventures. As is law.

Sunny, on the phone with her agent: "Okay, good work! Let's just keep that up! You earned your 10 percent today! Now, I was thinking, my character's smoothie cart could use a upgrade and..."

And I just realized I called this! Sunny got her upgraded smoothie cart. Now, we just have to turn the Brighthouse into a giant mech, and we'll be all set.
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I found this pretty slowly paced, at least for the first half. Like the MYM script was only half finished and the rest was just bullet points.
I can give you MAYBE the lead up, but once she's 'portal hopping' it's a fast paced mess.

Izzy: Hey I'm in the snow place! Hi random pony! Okay we dance! Bye!

Izzy: Dragonlands now! Oh trust fall? Okay! Bye now!

Izzy: Under the sea! Oh sea pony! Cutie mark marriage! Bye!

Izzy: Hey fairgrounds! I'll fix them up! Done! Bye!

Just bam bam bam.

wonko the sane?

You may test that assumption at your convinience.
Yeah, the pacing and writing was kinda... all over the place. And the animation errors. They went to all the trouble to point out pips hair, and it was normal again after the next scene cut.


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Personally, I think I'm more or less okay with this special's pacing. This kind of felt like a "season opener", where we get introduced to a lot of ideas quickly because we'll be exploring them in more detail later on in the season.

And, this special was starring Izzy. It bouncing all over the place without a lot of focus kind of works when she's the viewpoint character. Plus, I can't say things didn't happen in it. It was eventful.

Now, if this same pacing still happens in the other specials, we might have a problem. But, for right now, I'm okay with it.

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