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This is how a unicorn comments

I'll be honest when this first started I thought I had clicked on a music video complication by mistake.

So... is this a new thing or is that just a modern print of the guide? Because it clearly shows all three pony types when the entire thing of this show is that the three pony types didn't get along until Sunny the Alicorn. (basically you know what I mean)

Okay Hitch, I'm sorry but you should be able to tell the difference between a map and a Sparky Drawing...

So... is it the "Bog of eternal stench?" ^_^ If you know what I'm referencing without googling it, we are friends now.

"I know that rock" Then it's suddenly not raining anymore. Does the rock have anti rain powers? That just seemed to clear up a bit TOO quickly.

Sparky grossness aside, don't start a campfire right next to the tent like that. There aren't even any rocks to help prevent the spread of the fire!

Hitch has terrible survival skills - 2

Part of me wants to say "Just give the bunnycorn a carrot" but another part of me thinks of how like every campsite ever tells you not to feed the wildlife so.... yeah.

There are crystals that do this. Sure why not? Better hope they don't work on ponies. Otherwise Opaline could use this.

Okay why is Posey screaming? I can't see anything that got messed up in her garden and the Bunnycorn is already gone so it's not like she sees it.

I love LOVE the design of this ice cream unicorn, but am annoyed they are feeling the 'shakes' as Bridlewood is far away from Maretime bay. They shouldn't be able to feel that.

I'd ask how Izzy knows those crystals would do that, but well it IS Izzy... She could just be correct guessing.

So... when did the rest of them manage to earn all those badges?

It's decent.

wonko the sane?

You may test that assumption at your convinience.
There's naturally occurring gems that do THAT and no one is out there digging them up? Why are there not more kaiju?


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I'm curious how this will tie in to the latest MYM batch.


I expected this to go worse. This isn't a failure montage. They're trying new things and doing it well. I didn't know little ponies can do that.

Wilderness survival. Okay this one will go badly. Don't bring Bon Bon.

Say what you want about TYT's art style, but it is not lazy. This rain effect is more detailed than G4's.

They lost the map and it wasn't even that friggen eagle's fault this time.

Misty's being useful.

Sparky doesn't feel good. You won't get me this time, show. *5 second skip*

I really like how even though Sunny is the team alicorn she still does earth pony things.

Rabbit didn't even need to touch the gems. They're that powerful. No wonder civilization is so sparse in G5.

Posey still has her cutie mark. Noted for the timeline project.

Misty signed up for the most dangerous part of this hero job. They grow up so fast.

Music is getting very 1980s arcade.

TYT acknowledges that G5 harnesses have no way to stay attached. The 3D stuff acts like they're magnetic.

Sunny forgot this thing can fly.

So there are gems with shrink powers too.

Very horsey celebrating from Hitch, Misty, and Izzy at the end there. This show tries to have fun.

Mostly a good episode.

Just stahp with that one thing though.


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Maybe. But at this point would it be surprising if there are shrink crystals and Izzy knew exactly where to find them?

wonko the sane?

You may test that assumption at your convinience.
Given how... normal, for lack of a better term, the environment is: you know; NOT filled with the apex predators of g4, I'm thinking more neutralizing.


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Sunny joined the scouts? Not even as a troop leader, just doing adult scout stuff? You know, I feel like they've mentioned this before, but I can't for the life of me remember where.

Are these the only two ponies in the Trail Trotters? They need to go on a recruitment drive.

Feeding the animals is only going to keep them coming for the community garden. Which isn't really that big a deal, since any Earth pony could just regrow everything in seconds, but still, it's the principle of the thing.

They really could've rescheduled if it was going to rain all day.

...Poor Pipp. She really should have dressed for the weather better. Or watch a weather report before she joined the group.

Zipp is not amused. The animators just wanted an excuse to use Zipp's wet look again.

Sparky ate the map. He couldn've at least turned it into a donut or something beforehand.

You know for scouts, they really aren't very prepared.

Pipp will literally make up ANY excuse to sing.

Misty keeping a eye out. Using those stalker skills for good again! Good for her.

*Sparky...starts the fire* *SIGH*

Misty just made a enemy FOR LIFE!

I'm not sure if these are wish-granting crystals or just gigantifying crystals. Does anyone have a Magical Geology book?

Well...hope everyone's hungry for Hasenpfeffer for the next year.


At least Sunny can earn her "Attack on Titan" badge.

Posey's garden gets destroyed by a random hippity hop...Posey's rage is justified count...1.

Okay, now I'm wondering who the random Ice Cream Pony with the lemon locks is? TYT really has been adding a bunch of new background ponies for a while now, and I appreciate it.

I guess Misty's used to being a part of...hare-brained schemes, huh? HUH?!

If Misty had a nickle for every time she got chased by some crazed out of control rodent-hybrid enhanced by a magic spell...I'm really not sure how many nickles she'd have by this point?

Their plan was to let the bunnysus fall to it's death in the gorge? Kinda hardcore for this show.

Future pony archaeologists will be amazed and perplexed by the existence of this giant bunny.

Okay...again, are those wish-granting crystals, shrinking magic crystals, or do THOSE just re-absorb the magic of the other crystals? Give me the lesson about Equestrian rocks I so crave, show! I guess Izzy calling them "Giga Gems" implies they just make things big.

I'm not sure if they should be rewarding the bunnysus for being a giant brat.

Plus, we're the only two members of this troop! We can give each other as many badges we want!


This is how a unicorn comments

OKay, let's just drop other dragons on us out of nowhere! Cool cool...

Loved Misty in this.

Also yeah... these are the dragons we know alright.


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Ah, storms. The natural enemy of flying vans everywhere.

We're going (back?) to the Dragonlands?

Heh. And they're dressed all fancy for the occasion, I see. Pipp and Zipp had everyone dress up to do this ambassador thing up right!

Zipp maintains her perfect landing record as always, I see.

Oookay...I guess we're skipping ahead to AFTER whatever happens at the end of Make Your Mark. That's...awkward. But, least this potentially confirms there WILL be dragons in 3D!

A lava-rynth. The one thing that unites all races...puns.

"Bravery, wisdom, and creativity" ...And being able to breathe fire, right? Being able to breathe fire seems kinda important, too, I would think.

To be fair, this is basically the dragon equivalent to a water park. The lava is probably pretty soothing on their scales.

We get some really nice flying animation from Zipp. And in formal wear, no less!

The dragons can combine into one SUPER dragon?!

This is a VERY sweet inspirational speech coming from Misty...she's gonna get hit with a pie in the face or something soon, isn't she? I'm not used to the universe taking her seriously. was the deal with the shadow dragons? I thought they were just the shadows of the OTHER dragons with a little artistic license, but these were literal living shadows? ...And they just killed them? The shadows didn't actually DO anything to hurt them, they were just being a little creepy and rude. I don't think they deserved to die!

The prize is a wall poster?

It's not very creative to call on the most obviously creative pony you know, though...

Oh, they have to copy the carving with shadow puppets, cute. But...wouldn't Sunny's alicorn horn cast more light than shadow, though?

And once again, the day is baby burps. Ew.

And then their magic combined with the dragonfire magic to create a giant rampaging phoenix that wrought destruction upon the world...but that's a story for another time.

*Squints at the credits* Okay, so the three Dragons are named Blaize (the girl), Lava (probably the "mean" one) and Tumble (probably the "jolly" one). Okay, well, I look forward to meeting them again for the first time over in Make Your Mark, probably.

...Oh, but I just realized that this probably means that Sparky WON'T be leaving to stay with the dragons once they find them. ....My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined...
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TYT is now past MYM chapter 5.

That background chaos is so TYT.

And the Marestream crashes again.

Dragons? TYT is going to skip the whole mystery of where they are?

Odd. In this post-apocalyptic Equestria dragons somehow ended up more welcoming of outsiders than ponies did.

THEY WERE INVITED? What have we missed?

It's a trap.

This cave is more dangerous than anything seen in MYM so far.

The lava just disappears. There's not even any holes in the ground. We're operating on videogame rules.

I don't know if people like Opaline need you to let them scare you but I get your point.

Solving puzzles with the mirror shield dress. So many Wind Waker memories.

If the goal is to create a shadow puppet... fire would not help here.

That seemed easy, but I would not have made it past a single one of these puzzles.


That combined fire must be visible from very far away. I wonder who's going to notice.

This does nothing to change my theory that the last MYM episodes weren't written to be grouped quite the way they were. I still think the two-parter was supposed to be a special. When it got turned into two regular episodes, we hit the 6 episode stopping point too early. We stopped in what was supposed to be the middle of a chapter, and this episode was supposed to pick up after what would have been the end of that chapter.

So yeah. I think we missed something and it's not TYT's fault.


This is how a unicorn comments

So we might actually want to put some things we say about this in spoiler tags? I'm not sure, but since this batch of episodes is supposed to take place AFTER season 6 of Make Your Mark (Secrets of Starlight) It's spoiling us on things that haven't actually happened in the timeline yet.

I guess most of us are going to watch this anyway though, so it may be pointless to spoiler tag. Eh sorry but I'm going to do it anyway.

So the night market. I guess regular ponies have been invited to sell things now?

We see Posey in the background with her cutie mark. This becomes important later in the short, and it's going to screw up everyone's timeline projects on this show.

Ah the age regression glitter returns. Nice to see the ponies we didn't get to see regressed as foals this time. Also apparently it makes sure any jewelry you are wearing also shrinks to fit your new size. I kinda wish we had a Rarity pony in this who wore clothing. I'm curious if the outfit would shrink or if they'd actually shrink out of the outfit.

When Alphabittle is saying "Misty is that you?" In the background you can see a filly apparently running a stall. Does the night market just allow even children to run a store, or is she just watching over it while the adult is on break? Why are THESE the things I notice and ask about?

"I can't, I WON'T lose you again." Getting some Incredibles vibes from that.

Why are there purple apples that do this? Why is no one manning the stall to prevent random ponies from doing what Sunny just did?

Zipp falls and gets cotton candy all over her head, and the pony who seems to be running that stall just leaves? No the correct thing that would happen would be him yelling at her and trying to find the parent to pay for it. Man for a show about magical talking ponies, this is just totally unbelievable.

So breathing in the fumes of that potion makes you part dragon? WHY IS THIS JUST OUT ON DISPLAY!?

At least I can give the thing with Izzie jumping in the glitters a pass. I mean that's run by a Breezie. What's she supposed to do to stop Izzie? On that note though, they may want to hire security to watch over this place SO THINGS LIKE THIS CAN'T HAPPEN.

There is Posey again with her cutie mark. You'd think this would put it in the timeline before the Nightmare Night episode of Make Your Mark, but it has to take place way AFTER that. For a reason we'll see shortly.

I've ranted enough about why things are just out, but seriously Security. Also it's hard to tell at a glance, but the two crystals Hitch 'tastes' are indeed different colors.

But no seriously random pony manning this stall. Like... DO something? Why are you just staring at him blankly while he goes to do something you have to know is a bad thing.

Cute Misty/Alphabittle moment.

Opaline has a phone now. Also she yells for a Jade and Taco? I have to assume this isn't the Jade we know, I think it's a Dragon. Perhaps one of them we saw in the last episode? So she gets Dragon minions? Also I can't imagine she hasn't seen Misty on this weird magical phone she now suddenly has, so she realized Misty was a double agent and kicked her out? The fact she has these new minions also means it has to take place AFTER chapter Five of Make Your Mark. So yeah there just is no way to fit this episode in perfectly unless Posey randomly got her cutie mark back somehow.

Okay it makes sense they thought she was in costume during Nightmare Night. It makes no sense they aren't freaking out here. This is an Alicorn that isn't Sunny, and they went nuts over Sunny.

Neat little episode, but man the lack of precautions. Ponies in the future are stupid.


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*Looks at the thumbnail image* Oh Misty...Hasbro's just trying to kill us with cuteness, now.

A self-fwooshing cauldron! For when you don't know chemistry, but you want that neat puff of colorful smoke that everyone associates cauldrons with! That would actually probably sell.

Oh, we have a globe of Pony world! Is there anything we can glean from this? Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to look.

Posey's here! I wonder if she'll WANT to be by the end of the episode, though....

"Does my head look big in this" Honestly, it's supposed to make your head look even bigger. I think this mirror is broken.

Vine-Hair Pony is really trying to get her juggling act off the ground in this one. Photo-bombing Pipp's webcast.

Yup, Hasbro expects you to have watched those newest episodes RIGHT NOW!

Aww, but Alphabittle trying to make up for lost time (and losing his only daughter) is always really sweet.

Oh WOW! DIRT! And not just any dirt...COLORFUL DIRT! Well, that just makes my day.

Izzy has a glitter-problem.

And, of course Hitch sneezes the (probably magical) glitter everywhere.

Dahlia and Rocky are hanging out again in the background. I think the creators ship those two.


Wait, if this is supposed to be THAT age-changing glitter from the past TYT episode...does that mean some STRANGER has been going around town collecting Sunny's glitter? ...EW? That's like someone collecting a celebrity's hair or something. And then selling it.

*Baby Misty EXISTS!* Oh...I'm getting a warm feeling in my chest...and it's spreading down my arm...oh no...I'm coming Elizabeth!

The animators REALLY wanted a excuse to re-use those baby pony models they made, didn't they?

"I won't lose you again!" Okay...that's a little more real than it should be in this situation. This entire thing is probably kind of traumatic for poor Alphabittle.

*Baby Sunny's blasting off again!* What kind of apple WAS that?! Applejack must have gotten a little carried away with her new hybrids at some point.

*Baby Sunny explodes into fireworks!* Well...that's probably the most unique way to kill off a character I've ever seen!

*SNERK* And she wants to do it again. Perfect!

Baby Zipp's back to doing parkour since she can't fly anymore, being a baby. She had skillz from birth, I guess.

Zipp seems to have a thing for hats this episode, with the top hat earlier and now her cotton candy "hair do".

Baby Pipp has gained the dragon-type! Who knew it was so easy to make new dragons that way?

And Baby Izzy just wants ALL the glitter!

Posey doesn't know how to process this situation! Posey isn't prepared to be a mother count...1.

And Baby Hitch just starts licking random crystals. Okay. I do like that they're referencing past episodes with the size changing crystals.

And now Sparky is the tall one! And now Sparky is even smaller, relatively!

Okay, Alphabittle's going to need therapy after this...and probably cuddles from Queen Haven. And a nap.

Jade and Charcoal...I'm guessing they're new dragon-minions for Opaline? Yeah, that final batch of MYM episodes needs to drop NOW!

Also, does Opaline just have cameras everywhere now? She's using a phone instead of a magic crystal ball or something. Does she have Misty bugged?

*Baby Izzy stroking her rainbow-beard in thought* *LOL* This could be a gif.

I'm not sure if tea is good for babies or not...but whatever works.

Years of working in a coffee shop has prepared Alphabittle for THIS MOMENT!

Yeah, tea's kind of a acquired taste. Maybe if you put in a LOT of sugar, but...that could backfire badly.

Bendy straws...the ultimate temptation.

Oh...Alphabittle's tempted to keep Baby Misty like this...oooh....

And Opaline gets to show off her new "Power Crown"...we need those new MYM episodes, Hasbro! *Looks closer* Oh, wait, I think that crown's just the same one from TYT 50 (Opaline's dress up episode), so it's another past episode callback. Neat!

Onyx NOOO! Oh, there's going to be depressing poetry written about this tonight.

So...Sunny and the gang HAVE to eventually hear about Opaline stealing cutie marks in the Night Market, right? Opaline isn't exactly being sneaky, here.

So yeah there just is no way to fit this episode in perfectly unless Posey randomly got her cutie mark back somehow.
Uhh...maybe cutie marks...grow back eventually? Like skinning your knee or something. It's a little serious, but it works itself out eventually. I don't know, this might get covered in the episodes we haven't seen yet. I could see the magic of friendship fixing this. Like her friends giving her each a part of their cutie mark magics, or something?
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I haven't been using spoiler tags but that is a good argument. Things are out of sync now.

The Night Market has made the jump to TYT. Once again, TYT's animation lends itself way better to any scene that's supposed to have crowds.

They're foals again. Sparky is unaffected, yet looks quite concerned about this development.

Starlight's blasting off again.


Posey is terrified. She is just waiting for something terrible to happen to her. And she has her cutie mark back.

Sparky's trying to be the responsible one. This show knows how to write Sparky, most of the time.

Opaline can see inside the Night market.

Who and who?


I understand. I don't like tea either.

This is becoming a running gag. The heroes never notice Opaline when she's out of the castle.

O_O Interesting. She just stole a cutie mark. It remains to be seen whether Posey having hers back is a spoiler or an error.


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Surprise! There's a TYT short today! Not sure if this means we're back to a weekly schedule or if this is a one-time thing for Halloween.

No spoilers for Make Your Mark in this one. We'll have to see about the next few.

OH NO! IT"S HORRIBLE! HOOORRRIIIBBLE! ...Those poor pancakes!

To be honest, there's probably a lot of ponies who WISH they could get that kind of volume.

Is this the secret origin of the Mane-iac? Was the comic-verse ACTUALLY the future this whole time?

Heh...they literally put a lampshade on it.

Oh, Dahila is ALSO having a little moment today. Or...EVERYONE is. Okay, this is starting to take a turn.

Oh...It actually WAS caused by hair products. The volumizing got out of control.

*LOL* Posey's hair is literally waving a cane around like a angry old lady. Posey just wanted softer hair. Posey's rage is justified count...1.

Okay, the juggling and eating of racoonicorns are cause for concern. Pipp REALLY has to stop locally sourcing her ingredients from Bridlewood.

Ah...Pipp's made sure her salon can also double as a fortress with locked doors. Probably wise, at this point.

Wow, it can grow hair on plants. That's a feat. Now you can make organic toupees that smell like roses!

"I'm sure I've seen this before" Like the other 5 times that Pipp's various hair or beauty products have backfired?

Well, the hair is going full-on zombie outbreak. Time to break out the weed whacker. Or the clippers. They ARE in a hair salon, after all. I'm sure they have some electric shavers in here somewhere.

We're getting some hair-kaiju battles.

The mane softener was ALREADY inside the police station!

Oh...dragon...nose hair is what caused all this....EHHHH EWWW!

Windy's scout book is oddly specific. Did she get it from Huey, Dewey, and Louie?

And the day is saved by...Sparky sneezing on everyone...oh boy...

"Give me some of that dragon fire!" Somewhere, Opaline is getting a very odd feeling right about now.

Okay, this animation is more impressive than it has any right to be.

No wonder Opaline wanted Sparky's Dragonfire. It's actually pretty long lasting once you bottle it.

"Well, paint me impressed Pipp Petals!" Pipp's pepper-spray packed a punch!

Pipp got a badge! Critters level 20 or lower will obey her now! Is...this is a thing? Is this what we're doing now?
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This is a happy surprise.

Well, Sunny may have gotten through cooking these pancakes without a disaster. But they could not escape their destiny.

Pipp's mane is bigger than her.

I'm pancake.


See? Hats are useful. They should not have gone out of style.

I was going to say messy hair is a lame crisis but this has quickly turned supernatural. TYT is commanding me to shut up and accept the silliness.

Smooth exit by Pipp. And that lock sounds very heavy.

Okay this is definitely a Halloween episode. A very, very silly Halloween episode.

This episode is the product of a meeting where they agreed in advance not to shoot down anyone's idea no matter how silly.

"We're trying to panic here." The dialog in this show is quietly brilliant sometimes.

WHY is there a guide to the dragon lands?

Dragon fire can do absolutely anything the writers require. Unicorn magic is pretty versatile too, you know.

Poor Posey. She doesn't seem to mind but that sounded incredibly painful.

The writer is congratulating himself for his creativity.

I doubt it's significant that these badges are still a thing, but with G5 you never know.

That was a completely daytime Halloween episode with zero traditional holiday iconography. An interesting experiment.


This is how a unicorn comments

That was fun, and not a spoiler episode.

I swear they are trying to make it seem that Bridlewood is like right there next to Mare Time Bay and I'm not buying it. No way when the ponies were in their 'all other tribes are evil' phase would they have just not put up a wall or something if they were that close.

wonko the sane?

You may test that assumption at your convinience.
If you literally have to run a marathon to run home for hot chocolate... you aren't going to drink a lot of hot chocolate.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if the demand for trade and travel made them cut a few new roads through woods no one was interested in touching before.

Also: who votes to strap down izzy before bed?

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