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MP44’s mostly complicated because of the lengths taken to hide the wheels. SS86 for the most part allows visible vehicle kibble so it shouldn’t get too crazy.


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So, word is that disappointing sales of earlier Buzzworthy Deluxe figures lead to the cancellation of the Hound/ DotM Hatchet wave. Hound is getting released in a multipack…and I think Hasbro could do the same with Hatchet.

Base the set on the “Highway Pursuit” sequence, pack in Crowbar and Crankcase (both out of retail for about 4-5 years at this point), plus Dino and DotM Bumblebee (both a couple years out at this point, much less in the next year if such a set materializes), and it would be a solid offering, IMO.

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The convertible version of Sideswipe is pretty old. Rereleasing that would probably be a better add-in than the more recent Dino. I'd replace Bumblebee but, C'mon. I know how this biz works.


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I hope they make it a smaller pack at least. Three Deluxes will do, five is a big ask that's practically ensuring it languishes on shelves.

DOTM Bee and Dino/Sideswipe vs Hatchet would be interesting (hard to picture demand for the early-wave Dreads). Or even a Voyager/Deluxe 2-pack of Ironhide and Hatchet, to give us another hard to get mold in a smaller set than the anniversary 5-pack.

Or, since they've already started faffing around with redecos in Buzzworthy anyway, give us an offscreen character or alternate color scheme of whoever they pack in with Hatchet. Stealth Bee, Swerve, black HA Sideswipe, Off-road Ironhide, or new characters out of Dino or either Dread.


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I wasn't happy about that five pack since Hound was already going to be an indulance (I like the idea of hound, Autobot who falls in love with Earth, but he's never really gotten his due IMO.) but I already own Jazz and Wheeljack and don't care about Sunstreaker and Trailbreaker. (Also Trailbreaker and not Sideswipe? You make a pack of autobot cars and don't pick the most autobot car-y of them all?)

But the transparent plastic on Wheeljack has already broken on my copy and Jazz definitely worries me, so if we get non-transparent versions I totally might bite. I'd have to track down a Sideswipe though.


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Maybe it's different now but I thought I remember Hasbro saying the molds are tailored for specific types of plastic, so it's not as simple as just putting regular "solid" plastic in a mold designed for transparent.

I could also be imagining that.


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Plastic vs metal is like that, but I don't know about clear vs solid plastic.

It's certainly never stopped Japan from making clear variants of everything.


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And there was that Buzzworthy Bumblebee version of Cliffjumper and the dead Ironhide/Prowl 2-pack that each replaced translucent plastic with opaque plastic.

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