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I've been wanting a Beta Ray Bill movie since Guardians came out. I also really wish they'd get a Shang-Chi sequel out there because I actually liked that one and from what I could tell the comics version has little to do with the MCU version. I want more of that story and those characters.


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They already used Bill's hammer's name on Thor's second hammer. With Hemsworth seemingly not too interested in future movies, it'd be awkward to introduce him now. Also they'd probably make him human-looking instead of the horseface.

Shang Chi was okay I guess. Liked the first half that was a sort of Jackie Chan-esque chopsocky movie way better than the latter half which was a generic CGI slog.
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Because they don't want customer interactions via phone anymore. They want you to use the online text chat so you have a harder time figuring out that the call center you're dealing with is in New Delhi.


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So I've never been huge into HR Giger. I absolutely love the Alien movies though (first two at least) and I do like the Necronomicon IV (direct inspiration for the Alien). So I bought a book off Amazon hoping it would have the Necronomicon IV picture and maybe some other Alien stuff. It delivered. I got all the alien stuff I wanted.

But it also has a surprising amount of phalluses.


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Well damn I was reareneded tonight by a collage kid not paying attention my poor Beleaguered Prius not long for this world now cannot shut the hatch in the rear
Me and mom are fine the kid is fine (he lost the radiator to his SUV)


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Don't sign anything without talking to a lawyer. Even if the college kid is 100% at fault (and if the law is anything like Florida's, he will be presumed to be at fault) his insurer still might hire a lawyer to try to trick you into accepting less than you're owed. Though if your insurer is any good, they'll hire the lawyer for you.

You will get a payout. If it takes a long time, that won't even be the kid's fault. He will very quickly lose any control over what his lawyer is doing.


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Im just gonna assume we get nothing as we both have the same insurance company
Oh well

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