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Shellforming isn't to bad at times, depending how its handled, but in this case, I think maybe they could have Wheeljack be something a kin to G1 Rodimus, where you have a seperate vehicle that is likely the robot mode legs and the compartment opens up into a work station/battle platform and you detach the weapon to put another figure inside of it.

Wheeljack will get a modern toy with a battle sled before Ironhide.


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It is enough to make you wonder if the Cybertronian mode for Wheeljack was originally supposed to be Ratchet maybe, then they switched it up somewhere (I'm sure I'm not the first to think that).

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Wheeljack could have a 'trailer' that opens to reveal a burning, flaming wreckage-I mean, workshop...

And the next Weapons/Accessories Pack could come with him! That part I'm semi-serious on, it would make sense that he'd be handing out gear. The gear would be on FIRE, sure, but still!


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Could they make a Wheeljack that turns into a Ep 1 Van and then also connects to a trailer that that makes that van big enough (that non-tfing one looks Leader sized wich is too big for a Wheeljack robot mode I'd like) to fit Deluxe Bee in the back?


Can I imagine them doing that much for a probably store exclusive at Leader price point?

It doesn't feel likely at all.

Probably he'll be a deluxe or Voyager at most and I can't imagine there's any chance of BB fitting in back.

-ZacWilliam, which is honestly fine if he's as well done as Jazz

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This is interesting. If you take Cog or one of his mold family, move the arms/guns to the sides in 'vehicle' mode, and flip up the middle pegs on both halves, you can get a Turbo Board Action Master partner that's at least as believable as Slicer's 'exo suit' with no kitbashing whatsoever. The pegs go right into the bottom of the feet, stabilizes the whole thing. And Origins Jazz has enough peg holes to use Cog's various weaponizer modes with him.



I'll be the first to admit this is lazy and cheap, and probably could be improved quite a bit, but for a whopping three minutes of work, I like the results.

Edit: Better pictures of what I'm talking about.

Edit to edit: No new pics but I.think Red Cog works better, simply because the colors DON'T match and I think Jazz would make his board flashy. I'm keeping this pairing for my own setup...
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From the front page, today's fanstream gave us in-hand looks at the newest Buzzworthy Bumblebee multi-packs.

Studio Series "Death Scene" 2-pack

Legacy Troop Builder Multipack



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