Buzzworthy Bumblebee - the "everything goes" toyline

LBD "Nytetrayn"

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Should have a Wasp hijacked box set of four: Buzzworthy BumWaspee with Cybertronian Wasp from Origins Bumblebee, Earth mode Wasp from Earthrise Cliffjumper, second Earthern Wasp from Needlenose (a jet mode to homage Starscream possession) and finally Waspinator.
Instead of "Buzzworthy Bumblebee," it's "What's Happening Waspinator".
The most important thing is former Allspark staffer (and Emmy award winner) Daniel Ross is providing Grimace’s voice!!
I think I forgot to ever ask: Is he related to Neil Ross (Springer, Slag, Bonecrusher, Hook, others)?

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It gives me hope that others may have a second chance. Made this for when Sevengoolie showed one of the 'giant ape that's not Kong' movies.

Edit: I found the title, it was "Konga", go figure...

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That’s not me, by the way.

Don’t know if someone else uses the same name on that Discord or if you meant to say someone else but this “MrBlud” didn’t post that.
That's my bad. I typo'd your name by mistake since MrRald's is similar. I'll fix that now.


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From MrRald on the TFWiki Discord:


Inventing backstory muscles engaged...

Tow-line was badly damaged coming through the portals to the largely featureless, nameless (plotless :p) wasteland where Legacy "takes place." Luckily for him he came through just before Trashmaster's Junkion Cadets, who grab Tow-line's damaged carcass and do what Junkions do.

-ZacWilliam, "Your smashed up friend like new, with 90-day warranty. Happy Birthday!"

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