Buzzworthy Bumblebee - the "everything goes" toyline

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Is that a new background for Kup?
Yes. The original Studio Series release had the giant squid on Quintessa.


Buzzworthy Bumblebee B-127 07.jpgBuzzworthy Bumblebee Cliffjumper 08.jpgBuzzworthy Bumblebee Cliffjumper 09.jpgBuzzworthy Bumblebee Cliffjumper 10.jpgBuzzworthy Bumblebee Cliffjumper 11.jpgBuzzworthy Bumblebee Cliffjumper 12.jpgBuzzworthy Bumblebee Cliffjumper 13.jpgBuzzworthy Bumblebee Cliffjumper 14.jpg


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Yeah the more I see of this Kup the more I like it over the first release. Helps that I still haven't gotten around to getting the first release, and so now I can skip it.


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That pic from the Movie does that Kup no favors.

It’s not even close to looking near the same.

That said, this one is better than the original.

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I'm not sure how much I care for the solid window on Cliff, but the rest seems to be an improvement, so I'm all in since I missed the wfc release.

Kup looks a lot better, but I barely liked him enough to get the first time, so no way am I double dipping.

As for his background I think someone said his new one is a reuse of Blurrs.

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I wish that you had just lied to me, as now I want it. :p


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I'm not sure how sold I am on this Cliffjumper. The sculpt is incredibly detailed and real world accurate for a figure that's both at a retail price point and from two cars smashed together.
The cartoony solid windows kind of ruin that look for me.

Same reason why TT's slavish Sunbow accurate decos are a turnoff for me.


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Yeah, that Kup does look better and if I did not already have the SS86 version, I'd get it. I like the eyes and the grey wheels on this new version quite a bit. Cliffjumper looks cool too. I would probably pick him up if I saw him in the wild, but I am not going out of my way for him.

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I just really want that background for a display...

Anyone want to sell me theirs? :)


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Since it appears the Buzzworthy branding won't be going away for the foreseeable future, I though we might as well give it its own thread to avoid cluttering other related threads with stuff that doesn't really belong there.

To summarize - thus far we had:

Studio Series Deluxe Class:
Bumblebee 1977 Camaro with Charlie (re-release of the figure from the Studio Series 16 set, minus the customizing car parts and stickers)
WWII Bumblebee (re-release of the mainline Studio Series car mode Shatter figure)
Shatter (re-release of Studio Series 40 Shatter)
Bumblebee (Revenge of the Fallen production model Camaro, first release of this version followed by a mainline Studio Series general retail release this year)

Studio Series Battle Packs:
Bumblebee vs Dropkick (re-releases of mainline Studio Series Volkswagen Beetle Bumblebee and car mode Dropkick)
Clunker Bumblebee vs. Barricade (re-releases of mainline Studio Series Clunker Bumblebee and Barricade)
High Octane Bumblebee vs. Decepticon Stinger (re-releases of Age of Extinction High Octane Bumblebee in the colors from the "Transformers Tribute" Bumblebee 3-pack and Studio Series Stinger)

War for Cybertron Trilogy Bumblebee & Spike Witwicky (completely new figures)

War for Cybertron Trilogy Origin Bumblebee (completely new figure)

War for Cybertron Trilogy Worlds Collide 4-pack (Nemesis Primal, Fangry, Bumblebee & Blackarachnia)

Crash & Combine:
Grimlock & Optimus Prime aka "Primelock" (redecos of Robots in Disguise Crash Combiners Grimlock and Optimus Prime)
Grimlock & Bumblebee aka "Bumblegrim" (redecos of Robots in Disguise Crash Combiners Grimlock and Bumblebee from the two-pack with Sideswipe)

Cyberverse Spark Armor:
Bumblebee & Trash Crash (re-release from Bumblebee & Ocean Storm and redeco from Grimlock & Trash Crash)
Megatron & Chopper Cut (re-release)

Evergreen Warrior Multipack: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron & Starscream (Cyberverse re-releases)

Age of Extinction Mega 1-Step Bumblebee (re-release)

Power Charge Bumblebee (re-release of the Bumblebee movie figure)

The latest entry is a new wave of Studio Series Deluxe Class figures... well, actually, it turns out these are technically not "wave 2" - they're assortment #2.

The original Buzzworthy Bumblebee Studio Series Deluxe Class assortment was F1280.

This one is F3927.

Hasbro product codes and EAN barcodes for the figures, plus in-packaging photos:

70 BB B-127: Hasbro product code # F4470, EAN # 5010993965908
View attachment 2657View attachment 2658View attachment 2659View attachment 2660View attachment 2661View attachment 2662

86 02 BB Kup: Hasbro product code # F4481, EAN # 5010993965885
View attachment 2663View attachment 2664View attachment 2665View attachment 2666View attachment 2667View attachment 2668View attachment 2669

86 13 BB Cliffjumper: Hasbro product code # F4482, EAN # 5010993965892
View attachment 2670View attachment 2671View attachment 2672View attachment 2673View attachment 2674View attachment 2675View attachment 2676
I think that ss86 cliffjumper and kup being released in the buzzworthy line is cool, i feel like it's a cashgrab for tooners lol.


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Well. Looks like I’m adding another Kup to my collection. Deco is phenomenal. Really what SS86 should have been all along.


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Yeah the pins in the shoulders and feet are all you need to remove. The shoulders are a bit hard to hammer out though; a soldering iron may be better.

Idk though. I may keep both and find a way to make ER Cliff a G2 Hubcap or something. (is there any other red whatever version in the many many many minibot redecos?)

LBD "Nytetrayn"

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I do like the grey better than the black, but not enough to rebuy him, especially with the painted windows. If I ever saw it on deep discount, I could see buying it and Frankenstein-ing together a version with clear windows and grey limbs.
The shades of red are different, though, aren't they?
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