Buzzworthy Bumblebee - the "everything goes" toyline


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Yup, which is why the arms and legs (minus the feet) perfect to switch around as there's no red on them, thus getting them onto the Earthrise Cliffjumper without any red problems... for him! Of course the Buzzworthy one would end up with mismatched reds on the arms.

If the reds were the same, a simpler switch would be the roof/windows panel (only one pin to hammer out) and the backpack/shield/car rear.


it's EPIC, in MY mind...
I do need to update my Fan-Character toy so it looks like I'll buy Buzzworthy Cliff, chop his horns off and give him a non-cheetimus level paint Job (Paint pens instead of Cheets, awesome airbrush technique)


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The Kup doesn't have enough going for it for me to want to buy another one. i like the Cliff Jumper figure though with the cartoon color scheme and an autobot Logo. Same reason I liked Worlds Collide Bee better than Netflix Bee. Now if they could do a VW Bee in the same colors as World Collide Bee.....


I somehow found Kup's page (no luck on Cliffjumper), but he's not orderable on the website yet.
Not able to check store stock either:

I can no longer search the website and find this figure after the one-off time he showed up via search.


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I wonder how well the toyhax/reprolabels stickers for ER Cliffjumper would work on the Buzzworthy version. (Link for reference...)

And - in a tangent - I wonder if I could find someone to 3D print a different head so I could take some of those stickers and turn him into Major Mo.


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Figures they could consider for this line:
Thrilling 30 Deluxe Bumblebee with a new paint job
Human Alliance Bumblebee (ROTF)
Cyberverse Battle Call Wild wheel (either with red translucent plastic or a green LED)
Cyberverse Deluxe Bumblebee
Prime First Edition Bumblebee

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