Buzzworthy Bumblebee - the "everything goes" toyline


All I'm saying is that the fourth "Deluxe" Insecticon, who does not have an analogue among the more famous trio, will need to have either a different name or a different altmode in order to make sense.

That, and the distribution to my local Targets sucks a bit.


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The Creatures Collide set came in the mail this morning.

Goldbug and Ransack are why I bought it and both are great. They are pretty much exactly what I wanted. I haven't gotten to put Blaster with Goldbug yet but I'm looking forward to doing it. For me they were worth the set on their own.

Skywasp and Scorponok, I hadn't had either mold before. Skywasp is pretty good. It feels inferior to the previous Gen. Waspinator in size and complexity but not a bad toy for all that. Being a Halloween Character endears him to me more than anything else.

Scorpy... ok so thoughts: 1) He'a tiny. I know he's small in the toon but I'm more used to the original toy. 2) Boy he sure fell apart into a ton of pieces the first time I tried to change him. 3) Weird Transformation, kinda a hair too messy, but creative.

So I'd rate it 2A+'s, 1B, and 1C+ maybe?

-ZacWilliam, Ransack hits every Deluxe Insecticon button for me. I hope the Shrapnel that's supposed to be coming gets us a Chop Shop.

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I can't say I thought Scorponok fell apart any earier than the original release (save for maybe the head and that was likely on purpose).

It's just an awful toy, really.

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It kind of got overlooked with all the brand new reveals and preorders...but Pulse DID put up orders for latest batch of Buzzworthy items. And are shockingly still available after going up early today with the other reveals.
Pulse currently has stock for:
Maximal Dinobot (toy version)
Red Cog
Creature Collide multipack (Goldbug, Ransack, Skywasp, toy Scorponok)


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The funny thing about this is that I don't remember Hasbro ever announcing the Goldbug 4 pack officially. Maybe I'm wrong.


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IIRC, when they revealed Red Cog, they DID mention toy Dinobot. I think he’s been the only Buzzworthy they’ve mentioned.
Dinobot and Terrosaur.

I think that's it. The only ones they officially acknowledged.

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Well, I eagerly anticipate the hypothetical addition of toy-coloured Tarantulas to my collection of Blackarachnia, Scorponok, Terrorsaur, and Dinobot.

(I adopted another person's suggestion of 'Fateweaver' for Buzzworthy Blackarachnia as an independent character.)


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I wonder if he’ll be in another set or just released individually like Dino/Terror

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