WFC Kingdom Appreciation Thread


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With the reveal per day they are doing this week. Wouldn't surprise me if we get the final lot of mainline figures revealed on Friday.

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Preordered Golden Disk Tigatron and the Wave 4 Deluxes. Yay!

So how soon before we get preorders for the Wave 4 Voyagers? Or Wave 4 Core Class, assuming there is such a thing?
The Wave 4 Deluxes and Tigatron are basically it for Kingdom mainline releases.
The assorted leakers have made mention of stuff from Legacy getting bumped up, but I don't think that is happening by this stage. Considering how haphazard distribution and the global shipping situation was probably a good idea not to try and pad out Kingdom (less we see a repeat of the tail enders from Siege).


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I’m going to say this now. Yes the waves got split but I don’t care. These four are wave 4 and Hasbro is just stupid. 8BAEDD36-D49B-49BF-992B-D5BC7F14F21A.jpeg593D1BC8-99C4-4A9E-AD0B-974B73C519F3.jpeg65B1B599-0C52-48F5-AC3B-2194BBC45A4E.jpeg1501781F-8204-43BF-8015-47F0F7BE69D4.jpeg


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YES, confirmation of two pipes for Pipes.

Also, Slammer looks fantastic; the picture of him weaponized with Pipes is terrific


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Slammer is great, the bits he breaks up into are all pretty nice and useful. (The arms which are pretty much arms a bit less so, and look a bit funny as skis for Pipes there, but they'll make for nice weapon-carrying extensions).

... Is that a Combiner Wars style peg on him?
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...and still nothing on how he integrates with Metroplex. This is going to drive me bonkers!


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So he obviously uses the same engineering as Airazor, and has the same legs from knees to ankles. I'm not seeing any other part reuse though.

I think the beast mode mostly works pretty well. They were never going to manage a beast mode as slim as the show model and still have a decent robot mode, so the bird chunkiness doesn't really bother me. I do wish they could have done something about his feet though. Gonna have to play around with Airazor a bit and see if there's a way to get the feet into a better position.

Edit: Realized I still have Skywarp sitting out in eagle mode. Seems like the best you can do is just pose the lower legs straight, fully folded against the thighs. Not great, and will make the beast mode read as even chunkier still, but decent enough I guess.
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Just got my Amazon preorder in.

The story sounds like it was the original timeline of events set before Kingdom, but then got erased so that the proper events of Kingdom could proceed. These events of preventing the quantum surge would explain why there are no Transmetals in Kingdom's version of the Beast Wars.

Though, Terrorsaur's fall into lava infusing him with lava powers that let him breath fire makes it sound an awful lot like he fell not into lava but into Angolmois Energy. Of course, going by the Japanese timeline, that stuff wasn't hidden on Earth until after the Beast Wars were over, but still.

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