WFC Kingdom Appreciation Thread

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Hm. One closer to the "16 cards" limit.

I still haven't even come across Dinomus or Galvatron, ugh. And I'm not getting that many characters from these later waves. (I may get Wingfinger if they're really not going to do a wacky colors one, but sigh)


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This is awesome, I will use them as labourers for a science lab in the alternate dimension of my toy universe of non affiliated bots.

LBD "Nytetrayn"

Broke the Matrix
New Golden Disk card from the Waspinator/Shadow Panther wave.

The text translates to
Herald of Unicron
Is there an archive or database of all these cards yet?
Great stuff. Glad they both have unique toy based heads. Even if Puffer was a Huffer redeco and not a Pipes redeco.
So Puffer =/= Pipes?

I was worried they were taking some liberties/dodging trademark issues.
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