WFC Kingdom Appreciation Thread

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The Phazer

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so glad Hasbro promoted a super-expensive chess set instead of announcing these before someone found them.

It still made me laugh when they talked about Exhaust and Greasepit "leaking". They didn't leak! You shipped them to retailers in half the countries in the world with no embargo before announcing them, and they were sat on our desks having being purchased entirely legitimately.

Hasbro are so bad at logistics.

Octavius Prime

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So, is it really the case that Pipes only comes with one pipe/gun (which is at least the right color), whereas "Puffer" includes two (being black rather than silver)?


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Quite a few new cards to round out the set. Here's hoping distribution of these has improved, and that series 4 isn't still plagued by older series cards.

Onyx Minor

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I found a ton more Shadow Panther and Waspinator at lunch at a different Walmart.

I'm liking the cards, but does anyone else have this need to get the sticker part back on EXACTLY the way it was before you peeled it? :D I had to fully peel the new Megatron to get a picture of the card behind the sticker. Took me 10 minutes to get the thing back on perfectly.

That's probably just a me thing. :D


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So what was the point of these cards again?

An attempt to get some narrative in the toyline while playing off the BW's "altering the future" theme.

I think they would have worked better if they'd done them for every toy-character rather than just the big names who kind of already have set fates. That would have let us learn at least a little about the Fossilizers as characters and would have opened things to more interesting variety of timelines in general.

-ZacWilliam, Power of the Primes basically did this concept much better. With there being many multiple cards for every character there it gave us a bit of a better cross section of the characters nature, powers and just fun weirdness.
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