Transformers Retro series (Walmart TFTM Reissues)


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In case anybody else was still looking Hound and Thundercracker are back in stock on Hasbro Pulse.

I would rather have not had to pay shipping on hound but hey, at this point I don't feel like I'm ever likely to see one at Walmart.

-ZacWilliam, Hound was a toy I had as a kid but he came with his head missing in package. It's gonna be cool to have a functional one after 40 years of headless Jeep.

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I highly doubt HasTak will ever go back and released finished versions of those prototypes.

I feel the ReAction figure of Unicron is the best you'll ever get for an official release of the G1 toy design and well IDK you got nothing for Arcee's protoype.


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Yeah - I feel like if they were going to flat out make new G1 molds, they'd do the Dinobots before either of those.


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I can't imagine many people buying that Shrapnel when there's no guarantee that the other two Insecticons will make it to this line.

The last three Insecticon reissues were smart to pack all three together in a single 3-pack.

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Well, we have seen Kickback's boxart already, so we know that we will get two of them.

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