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Probably. Just needs a different chest and head, maybe blockier thighs. Nightbeat is generally depicted as fairly slim anyway.


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Tarantulas looking good. via Taakara Tomy mall listing.
I'd either forgotten or never noticed that he comes with his Transmetal pizza-cutter-gun thingy.



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Full Velocitron line revealed in the Hasbro Pulse Transformers fanstream:

Blurr - SS86 retool based on IDW1 Blurr
Burn Out - black Diaclone Skids w/ Crosscut-styled head, female
Road Rocket - G2 Laser Cycle retool of Prime Universe Arcee, debatably female now (they kept using female pronouns in the stream, but they might simply have not been all that familiar with Road Rocket as a character)
Clampdown - Kingdom Red Alert redeco
Cosmos - new mold, waves the checkered flag, very tall UFO mode

Road Hauler - Earthrise Grapple retool, new pretooled head
Override - new mold

Scourge - Laser Optimus redeco, is not named "Black Convoy" after all


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for self control/budget reasons I'm focusing my collecting on mostly girls from now on, so lotta good stuff for me this stream
congrats to Road Rocket on her transition


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That's a very un-aerodynamic UFO. I guess it doesn't need to be, being a space ship and all, but I much prefer the T30's sleeker saucer.

The checkered flag is hilarious. I wish we got more fun props like it.


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The flag can also serve as a surrender flag as it's white on the back. Or, remove it to use the flag pole as Cosmos's gun.


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Jeez. I don't think the height is as much of an issue as how tacked on it is. It literally looks like a cooking pot stacked on a dome. It even has handles.
Scourge and maaaybe blurr it is then.
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Nice collection of items. I'll probably only pick up Cosmos and Road Rocket.

Has anyone officially asked whether the Maverick mold is off the table for repaints? Having finally seen the film, I think I understand the paint job better (it's supposed to be dirty right?), but I'd still much rather have Cyberjets.


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The upper part of Cosmos is about a third to tall and so looks kinda dumb, but I like the robot mode enough I'll likely bite anyway.

-ZacWilliam, trying to make my self see the saucer as cute and super deformed but I havnt quite managed yet.

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The chonky saucer boi will be MINE!

I'm surprised he is a mostly new mold. I was fully expecting a glorified retool for Origins Bumblebee, to see him pretty G1 is pretty nice.

It's a solid collection, with some novel elements. Space and cost issues are coming into play...but I think it's a strong micro collection. Override and Cosmos are priority, Clampdown is nice...but I have, like, 3 or 4 versions of Sideswipe at this point. And none of the others were really compelling. Blurr is a maybe if I can get a good price.

Slicer is nice, and the inclusion of his "exo-suit" is nice bonus for what would otherwise be just an okay repaint. But I have 2 variations on Wheeljack at this point.


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This was a pretty decent offering overall. None of them are really must-haves for me, but I will likely pick up Road Rocket. I loved the G2 cycles and who knows - maybe they'll do a re-retool and make Road Pig?
I want to like Cosmos but yikes--that saucer mode is not great; bot mode looks cool though. I think I'll just keep the legends class release from a few years ago, it's a perfectly-sized little Cosmos and still looks great, IMO.


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Some nice reveals but my question is, where in the UK can one buy some of these figures, SG Wheeljack I've already gone and pre-ordered, there is a couple of figures I want from the subline in legay!

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Some nice reveals but my question is, where in the UK can one buy some of these figures, SG Wheeljack I've already gone and pre-ordered, there is a couple of figures I want from the subline in legay!

We don't know yet. This is effectively a replacement for the Netflix line which was exclusive to Smyths, but no idea what will happen with these.

It will be a massive shit to get hold of Cosmos if they're not shipping whole single cases of these.

Thoughts -

  • Blurr still is pretty mediocre, bad alt mode.
  • Burnout is... just is? I dunno, I just found the Skids mold to be fairly underwhelming and fussy in general, and it really needs a bio.
  • Road Rocket looks really great. Best of the wave I think.
  • Clampdown looks pretty good, okay with the deco change to move him away from Red Alert a bit. Deep Cover feels... out of place now.
  • Cosmos looks mostly nice. I like the flag and the chonky feel, but god those are some enormous gaps. This line feels so cheap nowadays.
  • Road Hauler is pretty nice. He's not the most exciting character but well done.
  • Override continues to look nice in robot mode but awful in alt mode, and it's really hard to work out how they mucked it up so badly with a new mold.
  • Scourge is bad, bluntly. They just screwed up the deco here.

RED must be near death by now.


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I like what I've seen. I'll try to get most of these, but we'll see how luck holds. Mine's been right shitty lately.

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