Transformers: EarthSpark


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And here's the cast!


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So, Optimus and Bumblebee look based their evergreen designs, Megatron's got a copter altmode like Animated, Elita-1 is a tough-looking offroad truck, Wheeljack looks a LOT like his Studio Series Bumblebee movie toy, Swindle seems to have a mostly original design, and Bombshell looks based on his Combiner Wars Legends class toy.

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STILL better than the garbage Scout Cyberverse toys!

By and large, from what I've seen, the line seems like a solid step up from what Cyberverse offered. I hate to say something so hyperbolic and inflammatory, but I think Cyberverse was the WORST product line we've ever seen for the brand. Seeing them go "back to basics" seems to be serving them well this time around.

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