The US Supreme Court and its decisions


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Holy cow. This case is a complete microcosm of the battle over regulations, and I mean a complete microcosm.


Mr. Bright laid out the basic question in his case.

A 1976 federal law requires herring boats to carry federal observers to collect data needed to prevent overfishing. That was fine with him.

"There’s nothing wrong with the monitors,” he said. “They’re actually gathering information that is valuable to us.”

But a 2020 regulation interpreting the law that required his company to pay for the oversight, at a rate of some $700 a day, was another matter. “I don’t think it’s fair,” he said, adding that Congress had not authorized the agency to impose the fee.

Yeah that really doesn't seem fair.

“In practice, the 2020 rule’s monitoring provisions have had no financial impact on regulated vessels,” the brief said, adding that the program was suspended last year and the agency reimbursed the monitoring costs that had been incurred under it.


Mr. Bright’s company is represented by Cause of Action Institute, which says its mission is “to limit the power of the administrative state.” The plaintiffs in the Rhode Island case are represented by the New Civil Liberties Alliance, which says it aims “to protect constitutional freedoms from violations from the administrative state.” Both groups have financial ties to the network of foundations and advocacy organization funded by Charles Koch, a billionaire who has long supported conservative and libertarian causes.


They're going to destroy regulations we actually do need using a case that's effectively moot to begin with.


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They did this with Roe Vs. Wade and they're doing it again.

Ironbite-and with that, what's the point of the Federal Government?


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the supreme court should be abolished and replaced with something that's actually capable of being kept in check at this point, tbh


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Kept in check by whom? Whoever we put in charge of that is just going to become as corrupt as everyone else.


Technically, it's already possible to impeach/remove Justices, it's just that Congress is already jacked up. There really needs to be a better system of accountability, but the people that are supposed to fix the problem are now part of the problem, so fixing things is gonna be pretty unpleasant.


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Something to actually keep an eye on next week:

tl;dr There's a case before the SC about whether federal government officials informing social media companies of dis/mis-information and asking them to take it down(such as when the FBI or CISA was reaching out about election propaganda issues) is a First Amendment violation, based on whether it counts as coercion or just persuasion. Depending on how it goes it could impede the ability to share information or even reach out at all to said platforms if the ruling is both against it and too broad.

(See how easy that is to provide a non-inflammatory actual summary of the link?)

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