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I'm just ready for this to be over with. The Sonic movie, in hindsight, was only good in the sense of not being openly bad, and that's only impressive because it's a higher bar than about half of all Sonic media (including the source material) has ever cleared. The Minion Company has 40 years of excellent games to live up to compared to a track record of two passable movies out of 12, and the guy playing Mario has already made an ass of himself by overhyping his performance. (The most impressive thing he could possibly do is just channel Lou Albano instead of Charles Martinet, and even then I'd be more impressed with Nintendo for letting him do it.)

I doubt they were even Nintendo's first choice for this project, and instead something they got stuck with when they signed on to have Super Mario Land built in the Universal theme parks. And then when Universal proceeded to merge with DreamWorks they were probably like "Dammit, if we'd just waited a few more months..."


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The poster kind of looks like Super Mario World theme park at Universal Japan, from the videos I've seen. Makes sense.

The random floating islands work with Mario, but it's weird to have them so close to Peach's castle.

I'll admit...I'm a LITTLE worried about Mario not showing us his face on the poster. Like the trailer will come out and it'll just be Chris Pratt's face on Mario's body or something. This seems VERY faithful to the source material, so I doubt it...but the fear is still there...this IS Illumination, after all.
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And the day before the trailer/direct, we get Mario's face from a McDonald's Employee, of all things.

Spoilers for Mario's face below, I'm posting the picture right after the spoiler tag.

So...yeah, it's just Mario. I guess his head *might* be a little "flatter" or "rounder"? But, that could just be the scan. This is a pretty faithful Mario with more detailed overalls.

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Lore/world-building/tone wise I'm incredibly in. Jack Black works as Bowser, Kamek sounded good, Toad worked way better than I expected.

Pratt is... A choice. He's trying, emphasis on trying, to do a higher pitched New York/Italian accent - like Martinet but dramatically toned down. Problem is it's Pratt and he has like one speed.

Overall though? Way better than I anticipated, and I'm exited to see and hear more.

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Okay, I ain't watching a 45 minute direct just for the trailer. Thankfully, youtube exists.

*watches the 2.30 minute trailer*

Okay... so... black could stand to smoke a couple stogies before doing the bowser voice, but that's just me. Pratt... wasn't bad. Probably shoulda shot for the mid-atlantic accent rather than italian via new york (or jersey... *shudder*), but... not bad.

But unless there's a scene where mario gets sucked into a toilet: it won't be good. :LOL:


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I...don't hate what I'm seeing so far.

Bowser's airship actually looks pretty good.

The Penguins from Mario 64! Okay...

Bowser is after a Power Star. I guess I'm not sure if these are Power Stars (the collectibles that open up levels) or Super Stars (that make you Invincible). I guess a Invincible Bowser WOULD be hard to beat. Kind of a basic powerup for Bowser to go after, but it works for the first movie. I doubt they'll go Paper Mario with it and make them talk.

I'm kind of halfway expecting Mario to run into a certain mustachioed doctor with the design of those mushrooms.

Luigi seems to be going through his own horror-movie as a subplot. Good. This fits.

I do worry about how long it's going to take to GET to the Mushroom Kingdom, though. How much of the start of the movie will take place in New York/New Donk.

But...this looks fairly competent. This COULD turn out okay....maybe.


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You know, it's a long shot that I don't expect to happen (especially with Miyamoto producing), but it'd be a nice Easter egg if this movie could have a brief voice cameo from John Leguizamo.


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I'm honestly surprised that Pratt is not going full on Lou Albano impersonation. But its not too far removed from what I imagined he'd sound like back when they revealed this.

Bowser on the other hand 1000% awesome and can't wait to see what they do with him. Black has already hinted that he will sing (*squeee*) so I definitely have that to look forward to.

The Super Mario Adventures comic that ran in Nintendo Power stands as the pinnacle of how I perceive the Mario I'm really hoping Peach gets characterized here like she was in that comic.

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