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Page from an old Dr. McNinja comic regarding interplanetary dinosaurs. Possibly the best kind of dinosaurs?
On an outer space adventure
They were hit by cosmic rays
The dinos were changed forever
In the most fantastic ways

Brontosaurus is elastic
Tricera can fade from sight
Ptera is the Dactyl Torch
T-Rex just loves to bite

Call for four
Jurassic Four


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ROTB toys look great. Shame all the promo images show them with a grayscale filter.
And healthy amounts of brown. Perhaps it's to cater to those raised on similar grey/brown colour palettes in videogames during a certain time period?
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I was thinking of a ton of Beast Wars repaints we could still get as either store exclusives or generations selects.

Core Rattrap
- Packrat

Deluxe Airazor
- VHS Pack Airazor

Deluxe Terrorsaur
- Lazorbeak
- Fractyl

Deluxe Cheetor
- Fox Kids Jungle Roar Cheetor

Deluxe Blackarachnia
- McDonalds Happy Meal Blackarachnia

Deluxe Scorponok
- McDonalds Happy Meal Scorponok

Deluxe Tarantulas
- Airachnid Playset

Deluxe Waspinator
- Parasite
- Fox Kids Power Flight Waspinator

Deluxe Ravage
- Transmetal Tigatron

Voyager Optimus Primal
- Toy Colors Optimus Primal

Voyager Dinobot
- Toy Colors Grimlock
- McDonalds Happy Meal Dinobot
- Fox Kids Live Wire Dinobot

Voyager Tigatron
- McDonalds Happy Meal Panther

Voyager Rhinox
- Toy Colors Rhinox
- Predacon Rhinox
- McDonalds Happy Meal Rhino
- Fox Kids Energon Surge Rhinox

Voyager Leo Prime
- McDonalds Happy Meal Under-3

Leader Megatron
- Toy Colors Megatron

I'm sure there's a ton I missed but these were just off the top of my head.

LBD "Nytetrayn"

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I liked how Dreamwave had the Minibots wear their toy faces as battle masks. Say what you want about the rest, but that was a cool idea.

I just wish it carried over to the toys.

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