The Repaint Concept Thread

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Steevy Maximus

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I still maintain a weird fascination with getting the Fox Kids redecos done on the new molds. Market them as “Maximal Strike Force” and lob in a Cybertron/Universe 1.0 fusion Optimus repaint and a repaint for Blackarachnia and it’d make a nice little theme.
Something like Primal leading his crew on a man hunt for Megatron’s last free-roaming Predacons: the diabolical Blackarachnia and poor Waspinator who’s just along for the chaos.


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The live action movies are leaving that whole concept on the table. Could give Bumblebee a rival character and also ties into the newly implemented BW stuff to upgrade from Wasp to Waspinator. I dont even mind if they vhange the character completely. BB would benefit from having a dedicated enemy character thats as easy for the audience to identify as he is.

I think they could have done it with Stinger, if Stinger had been anything more than an inert drone. Personally, I would tap the Gobot Stinger, the gold 80’s Corvette, as a foil for Camaro Bumblebee. But I might be biased...


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Studio Series 86 Gnaw repainted as Cyberverse Biter.
Earthrise Doubledealer as Machine Wars Soundwave


Would like to see Kingdom Cyclonus repainted as BM Jetstorm, Legacy Arcee repainted as BM Thrust and Siege Impactor or Brunt repainted as Tankor.


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Couple ideas I've got
Omega Spreem using Siege Impactor as the base.
Double Punch from siege Brunt
Turbo Master from siege Sixgun
Windmill from siege Spinister

Octavius Prime

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So, now having Kingdom Waspinator in hand (just found him this afternoon, and he is better than expected), I want at least two remolds: one as Bumblebee (new head), and a heavier remold into a new character as a fly.


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