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Ok, I'm throwing out a crazy/wild repaint idea, Studio series MOVIE (bayverse) Grimlock, repainted into, Beast Wars Megatron


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Just realizing it'd be neat to get T30 Jetfire with a new head and different thruster things as Deftwing.

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Tremorcons box-set

  • Seizor
  • Aftershock
  • Tectonix
  • Fracture
This would be a set of eight featuring four repaints of the Masterpiece Rumble mold, and four repaints of the Siege Rumble mold as the nameless generic cassettes in the scene below. Why are the Tremorcons on Earth here and what happened to them next is a story yet to be told. I'm going with the Tremorcons as their identity because of Rumble's piledrivers. I am surprised neither Takara nor Vector Prime have named them already.



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The live action movies are leaving that whole concept on the table. Could give Bumblebee a rival character and also ties into the newly implemented BW stuff to upgrade from Wasp to Waspinator. I dont even mind if they vhange the character completely. BB would benefit from having a dedicated enemy character thats as easy for the audience to identify as he is.


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Microplex heeds the call of the tiniest Prime.

(also it is sad that that captures the classic proportions of Metroplex so much better than the lanky Titan class toy did)

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Just realized we got a new Wreck-Gar so how about a retool into Trannis, then maybe into Cy-Kill?

And maybe FFoD Prima from Cyclonus?

Of course those feel more like con exclusives then anything we'd randomly get even as Pulse exclusives.

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