The 2022 Midterms Thread

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Lotta speculation that this will depress the GOP vote in the GA runoff. Who's going to vote for a brain-damaged moron if it won't change anything for them?


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I mostly agree, I don't think the majority of people actually wants Walker in there, they wanted a Republican to hold the seat; and he's what they could get. A Black Republican that could potentially get the minority vote, since that's a good part of what got Warnok in. There's always some minute chance he could win, but now he's closer to a determent now that having that seat almost doesn't matter.

I'm not saying its a lock for Warnok, but based on what I've seen and experienced as a Resident of GA during this cycle, I would be decently surprised if he didn't win.


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That’s a far more nebulous calculation.

Some Republicans might’ve voted for a :ahem: less than ideal candidate if it meant they’d have control of the Senate. That is now impossible for them.

This will likely depress turnout. For both Democrats and Republicans.

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The worst possible outcome is too many Democrat voters deciding it's already in the bag and they don't need to bother. It ain't over until it's over.


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I wouldn't discount the value of either side having one more in their corner even if it doesn't change who has a simple majority—one of those Democrats is still Chuck Schumer, after all.



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I hope they all eat each other, Lake, Trump, Desantis. Fracture your stupid little cult into a million even stupider, smaller cults.


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There isn't enough popcorn for the impending GOP Civil War. I need more.

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