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I spent like three years not watching toku for some godforsaken reason and then I start watching it again and I wonder why I stopped watching it.

It can't be because the fans are dumb, dumb fans have never ruined anything for me before.


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Ultraman Z is my favorite modern Ultra so far. I wish Mill Creek would hurry up and release the Blu-ray, I'd rather watch it on an actual screen instead of just a phone...


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I never particularly liked Kaiju movies because at some point, fight choreography devolved into taking turns mostly firing crappy special effect beams at each other. Probably because the suits got too big and elaborate for their own good.

probably why I preferred Sentai and Riders to Ultraman.

Kaiju fights peaked in the 1970s.


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Well, I'm pretty sure that's a Yu-Gi-Oh reference just because I do know more about the anime than I care to. But I'm not so familiar with it that I get the joke.


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Is there a search engine that still searches for the given search terms instead of dropping whatever it finds boring? I'm aware I can just put the terms in quotes but it's gotten to the point where I have to put every single word in quotes or something will get dropped, even though there are tons of results out there for what I'm looking for.

'Fun' update, I was looking on ebay last night for various Machine Robo stuff, as one will. I typed in 'Siren Garry', a large carrier figure from the Machine Robo Rescue line. Ebay said it couldn't find any results, so it searched instead for 'siren gary'; the first 2 hits were for Siren Garry, spelled exactly like I searched for. Is someone actually getting paid money to program these search engines?
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