Now eventually you are going to have a Comic Book thread on this Comic Book forum, right?

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Finally got to the Comic Store again for the first time in like three weeks yesterday evening. Had to content myself with what they had left but got some good stuff:

Defenders #2 - This book remains great. Really good art with very creative layouts, Classic Marvel stories, a Great Silver Surfer moment and a surprising and very cool roster change. Definitely looking forward to #3.

Eternals: Thanos Rises #1 - Was originally iffy on buying this because I feel like Thanos is majorly over exposed since the MCU made him famous. But I've been Loving the regular Eternals book by the same writer so I figured I'd at least give this a shot. Glad I did. The regular book has been working hard to retcon the Neil Gaiman reboot from a few years back and the classic Kirby stuff and everything inbetween. Basically this issue extends that to the other branch of Eternals, the ones most of previous retcons ignored, the ones that birthed Thanos. Gillen does a good job of taking all that contradictory stuff and molding on into something more cohesive and understandable.

Star Wars: The High Rebublic #5 - Way behind on this but it's still solid and interesting and since I'm all in on the books this is a cool addition. If they'd had 6 too I would have bought through 8, but they did not.

Fantastic Four #35 - The big 60th Anniversary issue. Expensive at $10 but also huge enough that I felt like I got my money's worth. Great big classic multipart story by Slot and Romita Jr, I could see where it was going be cause it's absolutely a classic type of FF story but it was well done enough that I did not mind. The Kang stuff was a lot of fun.

-ZacWilliam, sadly that's it. It's frustrating the stores I've been stopping at never have Busiek's current Marvels book. Loved the first two issues but no place here has had 3 or 4 for me to keep up.


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Managed to run in a Newberry store I hadn't been to in a while and they'd changed their shelves all a way that didn't thrill me and made it feel like they were carrying less actual comics than before, which I was not a big fan of. But I was able to grab two books I wanted and there were a bunch I want to go back for later so maybe I'm being too picky.

Anyway I got:

Defenders 3 - Still loving the concept of this book. Magically enforced hero road trip through past versions of the Marvel U with the characters each taking a role based on a Tarot card. The art remains great and surprisingly trippy at times if not quite so much as the first two. It's a focus issue on Betty Banner/Harpy which as a long time hulk fan I'm totally up for. Weird issue though, in a version of the Marvel Cosmos based only on magic. Judging by the end next issue is gonna be MUCH weirder/trippier in a way that I'm not sure about but curious how it turns out...

Marvels #4 - forgot I gave up finding 3 and read it digitally. This remains exactly what I want from a Kurt Busiek story and a Marvel comic. It uses the whole universe, the big parts and the obscure (Cord Co is mentioned) to tell a great classic Busiek style super hero story. There should be more hype about this book. It's like if his Legendary Avengers run involved the whole MCU.

-ZacWilliam, hope to have a chance to get some more books next weekend...


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Got to the store this weekend. They didn't have anything I was actively looking for but I was able grab a couple books that are like 2nd Tier for me: I like them enough to buy them when I see them but don't make any special effort to grab them if I don't.

Fantastic Four - I wanted the Halloween trick or treat issue but it had sold out. Hadn't realized I had missed one before it so I got that. Mostly a focus on Johnny's current plot (stuck super flame-oned) and concluding his previous plot (getting dumped by his alien "soulmate" because he's an ass who cheated on her.) I like Slot in general so it was decent.

Star Wars: High Republic 7 and 8 - The Marvel one. I liked the cast of the IDW book better but the writing in this one was working for me more. It remains good enough that I'm keeping up with it when I can, but not quite strong enough that I'd recommend it to anyone not already into the High Republic novels.

The last book I got was Death of Dr Strange 2. I didn't buy one but I heard a detailed review full of a lot of praise for it on a podcast and it made me want to jump on. Sadly the store was out of issue 1. On the plus side the review was detailed enough I didn't have any trouble jumping in on 2. The characterization and dialogue are all great and fun. Half of this issue is kinda taken up battling some new magic baddies and making them look tough by having them trounce the Avengers. That wasn't as cool as the people talking stuff and I honestly could have stood a shorter fight and more folks discussing the situation. But in the end the book was definitely good enough that I will buy 3.

-ZacWilliam, it's nice to have some solid books you can fall back on and read when the store doesn't have what you really wanted.


I'd been wondering whether I should check out Death of Doctor Strange. Might give it a shot.

I've loved a lot of Slott's previous work, and I was really excited when they announced his FF run because in the right hands the Fantastic Four is just an unbeatable book. It rarely seems to be in the right hands though, and I've tried Slott's run a couple of times but it just hasn't held my interest yet.

My favourite Marvel book right now is Zdarsky's Daredevil. I've never been remotely interested in Daredevil before, I've read bits and pieces but it never really appealed to me. And Elektra is one of those characters where I just think... I'm not sure anything they've done with you since your death decades ago has been worthwhile. But I just caught up on the current run and it's made me fall in love with both of them, it's just a really great book. It's the first time I've found the Kingpin interesting too. I would kill for a Marvel Legends figure of Elektra in her Daredevil outfit.
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