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Nice little TF badge is coming out at ShowZ.


...Aaand after I emailed the site to complain about anti-LGBQT+ comments and downvoted positive comments, the product was quickly removed...

I hope it comes back...

In the meantime, here's a t-shirt that I think is on sale.

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Of course it figures that about the same time I realized there is no 'fixing' that aspect of who I am after decades of denial and repression the Republicans decide to latch on to a segment of the population that is extremely small(maybe 5% of the population on the high end) just to keep the fear factory going. If I had felt safe and been told it was ok to be what I was back when I was entering puberty, maybe the constant anxiety, doubt and self esteem issues I've suffered with since adolescence would have been lessened. Stuff like this is just gonna make more people suffer. I hate it, I don't want more kids to have to go through the mental anguish that I have just because some people think we are gross, unnatural, etc. Even worse is many Republican politicians KNOW we aren't a threat but they find us to be a convenient scapegoat to be used to solidify their power.....

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A largely symbolic measure that's temporary, and was a compromise to cut out actual harmful legislation that Republicans wanted?

Here's a much better, in-depth article on this topic.

The Biden administration could absolutely be doing more for LGBTQIA+ rights, but we should at least look at things honestly.



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Meanwhile, in Japan...


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