[IC] Mey Hem: Submitted For Your Disapproval (cont.)


The Omega Knight Returns!
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Kage almost snapped when Lucidas casually ‘thanked’ him for revealing Friday, as well as what he planned to do. This was then only exacerbated when he called Monday to him and started gloating!

However, it was this gloating that diffused Kage’s building anger. Instead, he chuckled.

“Greater than, eh?

I see. Twice the Pride. Double the Fall!”


Numerical Orb 1a deals 31+13=44 Total Damage to Kage

Kage uses [-2] Cape Wave (Shield) - Minor Action

Roll 2d8 to reduce damage taken


Damage reduced to 35

Utility Belt (Jester’s Fortune) activates on d8 roll. Use Bagof Tricks twice.

Roll 1d6 and activate effect

First Use

Lucidas suffers Weakness 4

Second Use

Lucidas suffers 6 Damage.

Kage gains 6 Life.

Kage uses [+3] Contingency Plan (Powerspark) - Standard Action

Roll 1d6, 1d10, 1d12

Kage gains 3 Life

Utility Belt (Jester’s Fortune) activates on d12 roll. Use Bag of Tricks four times.

Roll 1d6 and activate effect.

First Use

Lucidas suffers Weakness 4

Second Use

Kage gains 6 Life.

Lucidas suffers 6 Damage

Third Use

Kage gains 6 Life

Lucidas suffers 6 Damage

Fourth Use

Kage gains 1 Energy

Kage takes another Standard Action thanks to The Chemist.

Kages uses [+4] QuickDraw - Standard Action

Use two additional Monor Action

Kage uses [-2] Rush for the Kill - Minir Action

Roll 2d6

Lucidas suffers 6 Damage

Kages uses [-2] Lightning Blade - Minir Action (Bladespell)

Use Lightning Blade A. The next attack power will deal an additional 4d8 Damage.

Kage uses [0] Quickshot - Free Action

Lucidas suffers 7 Damage

Roll 4d8

Lucidas suffers 16 Damage, plus an additional 10 Damage from Stalk the Prey

Utility Belt (Jester’s Fortune) activates on the d8 roll. Use Bag of Tricks twice.

Roll 2d6 and activate effect.

First Use

Lucidas suffers 2 Ongoing Damage (Save Ends)

Second Use

Kage gains 6 Life


Lucidas suffers 6 Damage

Total Damage=6+6+6+6+7+16+10=57
Weakness 8
2 Ongoing Damagw


Then one of the mad head of YPNRs floating attack orb things suddenly split into two and blasted him! Unable to evade, the Omega Knight could only spin and take the strike against his heaviest armour. Or at least, the least damaged parts of his fast breaking armour. Forced back a few steps, Omega then reacted a glowing cloud of…something…wash over him, bringing with it a burst of energy. Turning his head, Omega reflexively looked towards their (as yet unidentified friend), somehow knowing that the cloud had come from him. Again, he felt an odd sense of familiarity towards this Chemist type man, yet could not explain why.

However, now was not the time for introspection. So the Knight refocused and swung at Lucidas while called calling out.

“Focus on the Organgrinder, not his flying toys. Take him out and they will fall too!”

Spinning Omega delivered a roundhouse kick to Lucidas head that should leave the man disoriented. At least for a short while. He followed up with a flurry of punches to the man’s chest and stomach. Grabbing Lucidas by the arm, Omega spin him around, grabbed his other arm then wrenched backwards while simultaneously slamming his knee into Lucidas back.

“Monday is not your plaything or servant. She will be free of you. Everybody will!”

Omega then danced away, drew Retribution, then spun back around to deliver and deadly diagonal slice across Lucidas’s chest!


Nonstop Baaka
EB got knocked back and slid against the floor. He briefly gave an encouraging nod to the Chemist, then focused back on their opponent.
“I barely felt that, Luci.” He smirked at the man, trying to draw his attention away from his friends.

Life: 150
Energy:2 (+1 for Minor actions)
Charges: 12
Adrenaline: 0

EB takes 17+11-10 = 18 damage
Life: 150-18= 132

[+4] Someone Your Own Size (Demand Duel) - Standard Action (Attack, Single)
Challenge target creature until the end of your next turn.

[-X] Salve (Healing Rays) - Minor Action (Healing, Burst)
Up to X different target creatures gain 5 life.
EB targets the Chemist for 1 charge

Life: 132
Energy: 2+4=6 (used up the +1 for the minor action)
Charges: 12+1=13
Adrenaline: 0


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The numerical orb's assault stung. But it was hearing Friday's name on Lucidas's lips that really lit a fire inside of her.

She felt angry, but it was a kind of angry that was new to her. It wasn't an out-of-control emotion tearing her apart inside but a surge of urgency to do what needed to be done to protect her friend. And now that she'd helped Monday take her first steps towards freedom, she felt a responsibility to see that freedom protected as well.

Is this what he feels when he's protecting others?

Life: 80 + 20 - 31 - 19 = 50
Energy: 6
Gain 2 Energy for minor actions from Quickdraw.

[-X] Healing Rays - Minor Action (Healing, Burst)
Up to X different target creatures gain 5 life.
Spending the 2 energy from Quickdraw to target myself twice.

[-5] Lightning Storm- Standard Action (Attack, Burst)
Do each of the following:
-Deal 1d8 damage to up to two different target creatures. (Orb 1a and 1b)
-Deal 1d10 damage to up to two different target creatures. (Orb 1b and Orb 2)
-Deal 1d12 damage to up to two different target creatures. (Orb 2 and Orb 1a)
You may choose different pairs of targets for each effect.
Thu Feb 29 2024 15:39:22 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Rolling line 1 : 1d8 + 0 to total : 8, TOTAL: 8
Thu Feb 29 2024 15:39:45 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Rolling line 1 : 1d10 + 0 to total : 1, TOTAL: 1
Thu Feb 29 2024 15:40:13 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Rolling line 1 : 1d12 + 0 to total : 9, TOTAL: 9

Special Triggers - Sorcerer’s Lightning
[8] - Special (Attack, Single)
Deal 1d12 damage to target creature. (Orb 1b)
Thu Feb 29 2024 15:41:44 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Rolling line 1 : 1d12 + 0 to total : 4, TOTAL: 4
Since this is my only single attack power, I get the additional bonus from the Chemist's power for another 1d12:
Thu Feb 29 2024 15:43:23 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Rolling line 1 : 1d12 + 0 to total : 11, TOTAL: 11
Total of 15 damage to Orb 1b.

Life: 60
Energy: 1

"Hmph. Your little toys want to count up and up, but maybe you should count them out."
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Finally shaking off the dizziness from that last great blow, Night Cap charges, attacking Lucidas with a mighty tiny tackle.

Life: 63
Energy: 7

[+4] Supercharge - Standard Action (Self)
Deal 1d12 damage to yourself and flip a coin. If heads, deal 1d8 damage to target creature.

Rolling line 1 : 1d12 + 0 to total : 10, TOTAL: 10 (self)

1=Heads, 2=Tails
Rolling line 2 : 1d2 + 0 to total : 1, TOTAL: 1

Rolling line 2 : 1d8 + 0 to total : 7, TOTAL: 7 (Lucidas)

Life: 53
Energy: 11


Destron D-69

Numerical Assault Orb 1b deals 31+17 damage to Dee. [Attack Single]
life: = 100-26 =74 - 38 =36 (10 armor) Energy = 3+1 =4

Stalk the Kill -used last turn... taking an additional standard action on this turn.

Shaken out of the fog of her intense focus Dee ignores the orb and lunges at Lucidas, not even sparing the effort to offer a battle cry.

[+4] Deep Breath - Standard Action (Opener, Self, Healing)
You gain 1 life.
[-1] Backfist - Reaction (Attack, Combo, Single)
Trigger - You use an Opener power
Effect - Deal 3 damage to target creature.
[-4] Fist of the Falling Star - Reaction (Attack, Finisher, Single) [1/Short Rest]
Trigger - You use a Combo power.
Effect - Deal 9d12 damage to target creature.

Damage to Lucidas: 3+ [d12]s: 9,10, 8,10, 5,11, 12,11, 2 (okay so that's 19+18+16+23+2..+3 so um) = 79 Damage (not bad)

Goddess’ Blessing
[12] - Special (Attack, Single)
Deal 2d10 damage to target creature. You cannot lose life until the start of your next turn. (Oh THANKYOU CHER!) lol

[d10] 10, 4

Goddess’ Blessing
[10] - Special (Attack, Single, Healing)
Deal 1d10 damage to target creature and gain 10 life.

[D10] 2 ...

GB adds 16 more Damage to Lucidas: so 95 total damage

life: = 36+1+10: 47
(also temporary damage immunity) Energy = 4+4-1-4 = 3

A flurry of blows ensues

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