Why do people only use the "Like" emoji but not the faces?


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I use Love, HaHa, and Wow quite a bit. A lot of the stuff I hit Like on, I might use other options if they were available, but the limited selection makes Like sort of a default acknowledgement reaction. Something like 🤔 or 🤨 I might use if it were an option.

I would also be all for TF-specific emojis like the old ones.


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MED:😏 or 🥷🏽

I was actually looking for an emoji for innocently hiding a knife behind the back. Why is there no emoji for that?

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it's a moot point if the original emoticon images are lost, but if by chance they do get found, you should be able to add them as custom emoji here (i use another forum that also uses xenforo and they have all their pre-xenforo emoticons added as 'emoji') and enable them to be used as emoticons once again


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It's used the most because it's the default; the one you get by clicking on the word "like" itself, which you can do in less time than it takes for the options to even come up.

Also, I never use "wow" because it looks ambiguous to me; when I see it I don't always know if the person meant "I'm amazed", "I'm appalled", or anything in between.


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While I default to Like, the other smileys are kinda bad and I don't want to use them. I'd rather use =P than the tongue sticking out smiley.

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