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Nonstop Baaka
So Beast in Black is doing a US tour in the fall, and one of the venues is about 1.5hrs away. Tickets are only $25/person. I was able to get time off work for it.


Nonstop Baaka
MED and I were at the show and a bunch of people had phones, so I checked Youtube, and lo and behold, found a couple of uploads.
Here's a few bad pics I took. We were closer to the back, off to the side. What TMM didn't mention was the story behind the concert.

Ok, so the concert had a start time of 8pm, with doors opening at 7pm. Drive time was about an hour. So, we left a bit before 5pm, figuring we'd get there early and have dinner.


We expected delays and bad weather, but we were driving right through hurricane Lee and tornado warnings. There was a good chunk of road where we moved really slow. It was raining super hard and visibility was so low, most people had their hazard lights on just b/c it was easier to see that way.
Fortunately I searched for a parking garage near the venue ahead of time. The rain wasn't as bad, but we still got a bit wet w/ a large umbrella. Arrived on scene around 6:45pm. There was already a line to get in, so we decided to wait instead of getting food.

By the time we got inside, there was already a decent crowd forming, including lines for merch/T-shirts. Got two t-shirts (but not the tour specific ones, we liked the regular designs better) and a soda. Standing room only in a venue with low ceilings.
Dances with the Dead was the opening act, purely instrumental metal/electronica. Pretty cool but not up my alley. They played for about an hour.

During intermission we got some air and space at the bottom of the stairwell.
BiB also played for about an hour. We were close to the bar so people were cutting around us a lot to get a drink, but I still preferred that to up close near the stage or in the middle where I'd have to watch all my sides all the time.

Anyway, the main show was a blast, got some energy from the songs, and it was fun to see some of the crowd really getting into the music and the performers playing the crowd. It did get pretty sweaty. I am so glad I brought earplugs for us, I would not have lasted long without them. Every time I needed to adjust them, I internally screamed (and not in a good way). The band talked a bit with a man in the crowd who was in his 70s. I did notice the singer stepping off stage quite a bit, probably for quick breaks (plus that outfit must've been hell).

After the concert, in the parking lot a random guy complemented my Aggretsuko shirt and was all giddy from the concert, it was also his birthday and he got some sort of paper from the concert that was a gift (couldn't really get a good look).
During the long wait to get out of the parking garage, another random guy walking to his car saw our wristbands.
Guy: "Did you go to the BiB concert?"
Me: "Yeah, we did!" He fist bumped both of us and we talked about the show a bit.
Guy: "I'm gonna ask this car ahead of you if they went, too!" He peeked inside the car and shook his head. I expressed my disappointment.

Anyway, we finally got home around 12:30am. TMM grabbed some food and we both crashed close to 1am. We were still riding the high the next day, lol.

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