Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection - Transformers: Legacy subline at Walmart

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Not sure if this will get popular support, but I thought I would spin out the Walmart Velocitron subline discussion from the Legacy main thread to its own page as there are multiple waves inbound.

Walmart USA links:

Hasbro Pulse links:
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Yeah, a more animation accurate head would've been nice, but I didn't expect it.

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Glad preordering Scourge and Override was painless on my end, from the look of things I may have slept in past some initial trouble, though. Lucky me, I guess.


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Thanks for the links! Was able to preorder Road Rocket, which is all I really wanted.


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From the front page.


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Mirage remold with toy mirage head. Welp called this one.

Knowing this team, Crasher will likely be a remold of Mirage.

One thing this team does do, is going the extra mile. There are times where what could just be a simple repaint actually gets more love then we expect: SG Magnus with extra head and Slicer who homages both previous toys, Road Hauler has a new head he didn't really need, the new Bumblebee 4pk is giving us VW beetle Goldbug, and the preds have extra heads, wthe last one had the heavily remolded Fangry, the heavily remolded Fossilizers in the Wreckers line, etc. Yeah, theyre are straight repaints too; but we shouldn't act like this team is lazy. They just rely heavily on what came before. So I expect we'll see something new, even if its as simple as using the toy mirage head rather then the cartoon one.


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Looks great!

My only critique, and slightly unrelated, I wish I had a toy mirage head on a mirage in toy mirage colors.


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Well, I got lucky and managed to preorder everyone that I wanted from Hasbro Pulse...except for Clampdown.

I really, really hope I don't have a lot of trouble finding these guys at brick and mortar. Clampdown was the one I was most looking forward to.

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