Transformers: Rise of the Beasts


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Comparisons between ROTB ticket NP and the "original" KO that preceded it.


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Steevy Maximus

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New preorders! Still no news about the Core deluxe and Voyagers, but Entertainment Earth has posted preorders for Beast Changer Mirage and Battlemaster Optimus Primal, the only new figures in their respective assortments. Delivery is expected in August, but I'm suspecting an earlier release given what's been found at retail
Beast Changers Wave 2 (Mirage also available individually)

Battlemasters Wave 2 (Again, Primal available individually)


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I'm very tempted to get the Primal Battlemaster by himself, but I feel like I need to order something with him to justify the shipping costs.


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YUCK, I never got why people like these Funko pops, things, they always struck me as a complete waste of space and there isn't really much you can do with them outside of display!

Steevy Maximus

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Still irritates me to no end when I filter "Action Figures" and still get dozens upon dozens of Funko Pop listings. Those ain't no action figure!

Wave 2 Beast Combiners seems to be Scourge with Scorponok. Amazon has him as "Temporarily Out of Stock" but still order able, and at $17 as well. That's a $3-5 discount over Combiners going rate.

Amazon is also kicking off 12-17% off most of the RotB kids toys, bringing them "in line" with Hasbro's SRP

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