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Well, I was wrong, Pointblank/Blanker is NOT a Counterpunch remold, or if it is, it's been reworked enough to hide any trace I can see. Though this being the internet, I don't think I'm allowed to admit being wrong so instead I will say it's clearly a remold of Combiner Wars Silverbolt who at the time was disguised as Counterpunch who was Shockwave the whole time who was part of the grammar police to prevent curse words from being used in Transformers and that's why he's called "Blanker".

Also, NICE fire effect!


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Bringing the pic over to this page since it ended up at the bottom of the previous page:
So he's a fully organic dragon this time. A Transmetal without the metal. 😜



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Honestly Skullgrin is the most interesting of these reveals to me
You don't see a head like that on a transforming robot every day

Crankcase is good for a Scavengers collection(I'm sad that I ended up missing all of their recent updates during my hiatus), but kinda boring otherwise

I like TM2 Megatron's more show accurate meaty chest, but leaders don't really fit my budget


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Alpha Trion/Orion Pax is a must have. Please be under $100…
a bargain at $66.99! Since I already have a pretty good Orion Pax (wrong alt mode, but a good robot) I probably wouldn't have bought him by himself, but I've been wanting a good Alpha Trion forever, and I like the extra accessories as well, so I'll definitely be buying if possible.


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Well, he's not really Transmetal 2 either, so...

He is in the toy universe!

"Blanker" (lmao) looks pretty good, hits all the design points I wanted. I hope he comes with a gun though... Dead End is meh (those feet!) but I'll be getting him to complete the set. Crankcase and Skullgrin might be passes for me, I'll need to see more photos.

Dragon Megatron looks pretty bad in the slideshow pic, but looks a lot better in the box photo. Still probably a pass for me, but I might get the inevitable Cyrotek repaint if it looks good.

The "A Hero is Born" pack looks amazing, can't believe I never thought about how well that Scourge mold would fit for Alpha Trion. That said, he's not one of my faves and I have negative interest in Orion Pax, so likely a pass too.


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I think I'll pick up Megs, even if I do have some doubts about the leader class and gimpy arm. I don't dislike Crankcase and Skullgrin but the price hikes make me more wary of buying novelties.

What is a blanker.
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