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I'm late to all this, and I may have missed it if it was already addressed, but I find it odd that in this case, where the Siege 'Dirt Deco' would be logical for Megatron, they left it out.

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...That Orion Pax is TOTALLY a Ironfist pre-tool, isn't he?

Miner Megatron and Ratbat- Solid, but Megatron is kind of "meh" after so many uses, even with the new accessories. Ratbat is beautiful, and I love the callback to Ratbat being a retool of the last major Scourge mold.
Shockwave and Pax- Again, Pax just SCREAMS that he's going to get partialed into Ironfist at some point in the future. Shockwave is quite compelling. While I don't have any attachment to the story or character interpretation, it's still a VERY compelling toy concept with some nice new parts.

Both have one REALLY strong figure paired with an...okay...figure, in terms of what I have and what I can see being reused in the future. Not sure I can justify a purchase at full price.

But the news of Nova Prime? THAT has my attention. I've basically had to give up the idea of Hasbro revisiting the "Battle Core" variation for future Optimus revisits, so Nova Prime will probably be the closest we get to that. He's at the top of my list for this Pre-War theme.

For future reveals, I'm excited for Strongarm, love the character, and am eagerly awaiting Detritus to join my Mercenary crew Earthrise got me.


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As for the Pipeline reveals, super excited about Detritus. Shocked that it took this long to get what should be a quick-and-easy Hound repaint.
It's probably because the last actual dedicated Hound mold we got before Siege was made by a Hasbro team whose reaction to any inquiry about making a new Detritus would have likely been "Who?"


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Hi Transformer fans!

I hope you all enjoyed today's livestream where we showed off the Nitro gaming chairs, Elite Robosen Prime, some of the upcoming Studio Series figures, the next wave of Legacy Pipeline reveals and our exclusive capsule for the year.

I wanted to post a few pics from our "Rise of Tyranny" and "Humble Origins" 2 packs that you can pre order now on Amazon and Hasbro Pulse.

As I said in the stream, this capsule is focusing on a Pre-war and Pre-faction Cybertron that pulls from a lot of our different continuities from over the years.

It's something I've been wanting to do and was happy when the team got on board and let me do some weird stuff to names most would be familiar with but maybe not in this context.

The most controversial I'm sure is the Data Clerk Orion Pax since he is a mix mash of several designs. His color breaks are pulled from the Aligned continuity. Chest and head design from different IDW comics. He's sort of the embodiment of what this capsule is and how we're pulling from all over.

Also, as I said, I just like it when Orion Pax starts out smaller. Perhaps the body design most folks want will be coming in the future but we needed a stepping stone to show this stage in Orion Pax's life.

Same with Miner Megatron as he certainly has other major life events that he goes through before becoming the Tyrannical Megatron we all know.

Senator Shockwave and Ratbat were part of a theme of " Strange cybertronian shapes that fly." I figure those bots that have that sort of functionality would have considerably higher social standing than those that have to travel the ground. "Your alt mode dictates your function" is just a fantastic bit of pre war story telling that I love and hope we can dive back into again someday.

But I hope you all enjoyed the stream and please be on the look out for more reveals in the coming future!


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Quick note, Amazon currently has the prices reversed, so they have the Voyager Megatron/Ratbat 2-Pack listed for $55. They'll probably correct it soon, but they're usually good about honoring mispriced listings.

Sure enough. Though it's also weird that they have the available dates switched too. Well, I went ahead and ordered it. We'll see what happens.

...That Orion Pax is TOTALLY a Ironfist pre-tool, isn't he?

Isn't it just Siege Hound with a new hood and whatnot?


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Burning Convoy will be available in Japan.



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