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Feel like posting thoughts, so:

Tra Gen Legacy Ev Deluxe ShadowStriker
Product Number: F7197

-I know this is a reliable source but this showing up so soon after the Shadowstrip debacle is almost too "no really" in a way that feels fake. I don't really expect it to be, but I would love it if the speculation of this being a pre-tool of Sideburn/Speedbreaker were true.

Tra Gen Legacy Ev Deluxe Strongarm

- The best RiD2 character. I hope they do a good job on her. It's gonna be weird teaming her up with G1 Sideswipe, but I'm definitely doing it.

Tra Gen legacy Ev Deluxe Junkion 3

- So many Junkions. I expect the speculation that they might be Weaponizer/Fossilizer style might be true. Mostly I'm just left thinking, "No that's enough Junkions, please do more Pretenders instead."

Tra Gen Legacy Ev Deluxe Bombshell

- I always liked G1 Bombshell's toy a lot so I hope this looks good. I'm also gonna wish (but not expect) that aside from the obvious Barrage version we also get it remolded as a Beet Papil inspired ladybug.

Tra Gen Legacy Deluxe Beachcomber

- I'm gonna be honest I prefer the mini bots at a size smaller than Deluxe, but I've bought in enough now that I guess I'm all in for consistent scale's sake. I would love if we would get a G2 Bumblebee, Hubcap and Beachcomber three pack with chrome and all.

Tra Gen Legacy Ev Deluxe Detritus

- I'm decent on Junkions and Detritus doesn't really match the others stylistically anyway. If I skip one here it'll probably be him.

Tra Gen Legacy Ev Deluxe Devcon

-Countdown to fans complaining that his alrmode looks like random parts of a robot laying down (cause look on the wiki, it kinda does) But I'm interested.

Tra Gen Legacy EV Robo WLD RDR

-If this is G2 Wildrider: No interest. If this is Car Robots Wild Rider (aka X-Brawn) as some are hoping then I'm all in. Love that guy:

Tra Gen Legacy Ev Core Thundercracker

-No interest in Core versions of bigger bots. (Unless it's like the Pretenders and it's the only toys they're getting.)

Tra Gen Legacy EV Scraphook

-Another Junkion maybe?

Tra Gen Studio series core 86 Frenzy

-But they already did the blue one.

Tra Gen Studio series 86 Dlx Brawn

-OK, I'll bite.

Tra Gen studio series 86 Voyager Ratchet

-I wish I knew if we'd ever get the Marvel Comics colors, because I'd much rather have those...

-ZacWilliam, hope the Capsule is something cool and relatively easy to get...


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Also, I kinda doubt they'd use his Japanese name because it is so similar to the Stunticon. I could see them using Speedbreaker (which honestly I like it better then Sideburn) and Mach Alert since they're largely unique names, but unless there is some copyright issue I think we'd see their American names instead.

Also, I kinda would like to see them reissue UW Valdigus as a Legacy Selects Ruination giftset.


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Super glad to finally see Detritus.

Odd that Devcon is a Deluxe and not a Scourge retool, but this ought to be interesting.

Hope this is RID2015 Strongarm.

If this is finally a Weaponizer style Junkion like I've been asking for forever, that would be awesome.

Glad to see the coneheads coming up, that's both of them now I think.


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I am skipping the bigger versions of the Insecticon trio, but I would be down for the Deluxe Insecticon redecoes and definitely Beet Papil.

Lots of intriguing names on this list, will be interesting to see which versions of the characters they actually are.

I wonder if Shadowstriker got moved from the Velocitron line, or if Shadowstrip was an intentional troll by someone in Hasbro... 🤔


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Was pointed out on tfw2005 that "Scraphook" has the same product code as "junkion 1" from previous listings. Guess 2023 is Junkion season.


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Hmm, now that I think about it, with all these listings being for next year's toys, then that means... So much for next year being Armada-heavy.


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Strongarm repaints I'd like to happen(with ideally a new head for Nightra)



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Be neat to have that mold without needing to figure out how to cram those long strands in there. (sees tail) Oh.

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