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Gender/Sexuality in Transformers

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Welcome, dear Transfan, to the "Gender/Sexuality in Transformers" thread. This has been created in order for us to explore, discuss and share information regarding how gender and sexuality have been portrayed in Transformers media and/or issues relating to sexuality/gender in Hasbro, toys, Transformers, etc.

Let's keep debate friendly and respectful and relating to the positive and negative uses of gender/sex in TFs, rather than a flame-war. If anyone can contribute useful/relevant links, then they'll be added to this post for posterity whenever possible.

There is no agenda in this post; if there are relevant links to the subject, regardless of viewpoint (and which don't break site rules), please feel free to share them. This thread was created after discussing it here and here.

Finally, on a technical note, spoiler, quote and other HTML tags have been used to reduce post length and/or to hide potentially upsetting sections from sensitive readers/viewers (see below).

With that out of the way, here are some links relating to the subject.

Firstly, as there seems to be less info about how males are represented or depicted in Transformers, the following links below have been included as "placeholders", in order to illustrate issues that might also be present in our fandom.

- Analyzing the Gender Representation of 34,476 Comic Book Characters

- The effect of cartoon movies on children's gender development.

- Why toys are more divided by gender than ever before.

- Toy makers break down barriers to be more inclusive.

Here's a video, discussing the basic ideas relating to the use of gender in Transformers media:

- Transformers: Complex Gender Dynamics, In Disguise.
Otheredbots: Windblade and the Issue of Gender Representation in The Transformers.

- Transformers Lockdown: Transformers and Gender.

- Meta/IRL LGBTQ+ discussion for TF fans at The Allspark.

- Transformers: 10 Best LGBTQ+ Characters From The Comics.

- Transformers: Lost Light #8 Features Trans Women Transformers.

- The Transformers as Transgender?

Here's a link to a thread at the Allspark forums, devoted to "cheesecake" (or the non-American term, "pin-up") pictures of fictitious females. Although this isn't "Transformers" related, it is a thread at a TF fans website, which depicts females.

Why Arcee's Backstory in IDW's "Spotlight Arcee" may be problematic.


- Human After All: Representation of People in IDW’s Transformers.

- Transformers: Misfit robots and the women who love them.

- Transformers' Ultimate Power Was Created to Explain the Series' Sexism.

- Misogynistic fans can't deal with the new female Transformers.
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Here's a quote from Tfwiki regarding female gendered TFs.

"...Despite being robotic lifeforms with generally non-sexual methods of reproduction, the Transformer species has almost always been shown to include both male and female gender analogues, at least mentally if not physically.

Female Transformers were originally depicted as an anomaly, specifically called out as either a thought-to-be-extinct subgroup or simply never existing in the first place...

...There's still a long way to go, since they ARE still uncommon compared to the "guys" and as Mairghread Scott pointed out, this can inadvertently make any given female Transformer and their stories seem like a comment on real women. That's part of a way bigger argument for gender equality in entertainment and society at large that's a bit beyond this wiki's scope to fully explore..."

Below are some links, taken from the sources cited in the TFwiki article above.

1/ James Roberts on IDW's Transformers: More That Meets The Eye, via an interview with "Women Write About Comics

2/ No Little 'Bots? James Roberts Retcons 'Estriol' In Female Transformers.

3/ Robot Gender Wars For Transformers.

4/ Girls on Film: How sexism is destroying the comic book industry.

5/ Female Representation in Gobots vs Transformers (infographic):

6/ Marvel UK's (negative?) depiction of feminists.

"Should There be Female Transformers?":

"Why Transformers are LGBTQ+":

"The Search for Alpha Trion" (Full Episode):

Chris McFeely's "The Basics On" YouTube series has several videos relating to TF gender/sexuality, including...

...TF Romance:

...Female Transformers:

... Nightbird:



...Elita 1:


- Slipstream:

Michael Bay's Depiction of Females in His Live Action Transformers Films

Firstly, Lindsey Ellis has made several interesting videos about feminist issues and Transformers, especially regarding the films by Michael Bay. Below is a link to one of her videos, plus a link to her main YouTube channel/video list.

- The Problem of Lady Robots

- The Whole Plate: Film Studies Through a Lens of Transformers (YouTube playlist).

More links regarding this subject:

- The Most Annoying Thing About 'Transformers' Is Michael Bay's Fixation On Objectifying Women.

- The Sexist Beatdown of Megan Fox.

- Megan Fox Commenting Upon Working with Michael Bay on the Transformers Films.

- Possible Racism and Sexism in Michael Bay's Transformers Films.

- The Male Gaze in Transformers (2007)

The following links might contain imagery/themes relating to TFs that have been either banned or deemed inappropriate for certain TF sites. Although they might be suitable for work, they still might trigger uncomfortable feelings in some viewers/readers.

These links have been included as due diligence or to add to the debate and put behind "spoiler tags" to further avoid possible offense/negative feelings.

Here are some links regarding positive and negative views on female TF designs.

"Addressing Recent Transformers Designs":

"Triggered SJWs CANCEL "Sexy" Female Transformer":

"Masterpiece Fembots: Are They Too Sexy, HOT And Offensive?":

"TRANSformers - Flashgitz":
- In the original video animation, (trans/female) gender and race issues were parodied. The link to the original has been omitted, due to the (potentially devisive) social issues, possible pro-alt-right stance and/or use of NSFW themes/language (and thus to not promote the original content creators).

However, for the purpose of discussion, several reaction videos (which still contain the original video content) have been linked to. It is hoped that these reaction videos, from a variety of (mainly females) can offer some insights into public opinion. Please note however, that all of these still feature possible NSFW imagery and language and that anyone sensitive to these issues, or who might be easily offended, should only watch at their discretion:







"KISS Players" and the "Transformers Legends Pack-in Comics"

'Transformers: Kiss Players (トランスフォーマー キスぷれ Toransufōmā Kisu Pure) is a Japanese Transformers franchise which ran from 2006 to 2007, masterminded by artist and writer Yuki Ohshima...

...The series can be defined as belonging to the extreme creepy end of the "magical girl fetish/horror" genre occupied by series such as Narutaru and Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan. It derives its name from its controversial gimmick, which involves Transformers getting "power-ups" when they are kissed by human girls... Although this plotline may seem like a shift in demographics to young girls, it is said that this line was aimed at a much older adult male audience. Indeed, the toys bear an "ages 15 and up" warning, and the subject matter of the accompanying manga is far from child-friendly..."

(Source: - )

Here's a thread dealing with the English translation project of KISS Players:

Here are some videos dealing with the basic themes of Kiss Players:



Transformers Legends:
Although not considered as graphic as KISS Players, Takara Tomy's Legends line (which basically encompassed the Titans Returns and some other toy figures) still had its fair share of similarities to KISS Players. These included the country/market of origin (Japan and a subset of Japanese older otaku), a 15+ age warning (in small text) on the toy packaging and possibly NSFW imagery, language or themes in the pack-in comics (which often sexualised females and/or underaged females, etc.

One example included male characters peeping at a naked schoolgirl having a shower, while another involved female transformers bring coerced into posing for "sexy" photos for a male transformer).

Although these toys were aimed at those aged 15+, they were often sold alongside other TF toys aimed at children under 15 years old and of the Japanese sales staff interviewed, none knew of the age limit and upon realising it, none would stop a minor from purchasing any Legends toys (as it was not a legal restriction). Although TFWiki has reported the social issues relating to KISS Players, it has yet to acknowledge this in the entry below*:


"With every release of a Takara Transformers Legends toy, we also get a new Legends Comic. These always garner quite a bit of attention for how much story is crammed in just a few pages, along with its ties with the Japanese G1 continuity and for the controversial nature of how the female characters are handled. This time is no different with Blowpipe, from the LG49 Triggerhappy comic, developing the same powers as Apeface, where his blast can blow off women's clothes..."

(Source*: - )

*Again both have links that may contain content that is NSFW and/or offensive for some.
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