I want to create a thread about Transformers and Gender Issues - Advice Wanted


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Hi folks,

I've been collecting various links (articles, YouTube videoes, etc) linking to the relationship between the Transformers hobby and gender issues. I have started to make a thread about these links, in the hope that it could be used for a starting point for discussion or further research in this area. I also created it, just like the knockoff Tf thread at the Allspark, in order for us do divert discussion about gender issues in other threads to somewhere more relevant (and to provide people with a "please see this link for more info about my/others' POV on this subject" option in other threads). I would very much like to discuss this small project with any interested staff/people here as I have some concerns about it, which include:

- The thread not being a place to "troll" The Allspark, or others.
- The thread not becoming a flame-war place, but rather a place for people to discuss the issues and/or add links/info that could then be added to the main/first post in the thread (i.e., The one I created, either by myself or a staff member that might take responsibility for it). In this way, it can be both a forum in of itself and a source of info.
- How to include relevant links/info regarding media/links that in of themselves might be considered NSFW or may break the site's rules regarding appropriate media/content. An eample would be a Transformers-themed youtube video, that might be seen as negatively representing certain people. I believe it is important to find some way to include it in the thread without breaking site rules (such as in an edited form, via another piece of media or as-is, with permission from the staff). A "better the devil you know" sort of approach.
- Anything else that others may feel is important.

I am happy to present what I have been working on and work with someone to fit the rules of the site and/or to become more cohesive/coherent, but I am not sure how, as posting some of the content here might contravene the site rules?

I really think this idea would be beneficial to us here, and The Allspark is, I feel, one of the more forward-thinking TF sites, so I look forward to working with anyone interested in making this come to light, in some way (even if it grows to become someone else's project in the long-run).

Cheers for your time.



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