TMM Hungers: The Next Course

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The Mighty Mollusk

The bold ever fight on, their lives echoed in song

I can relate.


Nonstop Baaka
So we went to ConnetiCon today. Good amount of people, some unattended/empty stalls though. Stayed a few hours, lunch was eh but we got some nice swag. The cat plush may end up being a gift.

I saw a Catarina Nendroid too but opted to get Naga instead since Catarina is more recent. I was also reaaaaally tempted by a set of color changing dice (same liquid mood rings use), but they were $80 and I have so many dice already that I hardly use... :(

Edit: Forgot to include two Ramune bottles and one more pack of candy, but oh well.


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ive always wanted to get one of the revoltech mon hunt figures but i don't wanna give up a kidney and half my liver to pay for it.


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What do you call it if you protect the village, pay your taxes, help the old lady cross the street...but you totally relish a good Jack Bauer interrogation and the condition you leave your enemies bodies in your wake could come straight out of a horror movie?

is there an alignment for that?
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