The Random Transformers Image Thread

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While I cannot provide any story details, here's some info from a Chinese fan regarding how this is even a thing:

So I wanted to clean up the image a bit for fun, but I just kept going.
Anyway, here it is...

She Ra Decepticon picture.jpg
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Terrificon, probably the biggest comic/geek convention in Ct happened this weekend. I've been before and it's a lot of fun. I probably would have been there this year but y'know heart attack and pacemaker installed like two weeks ago.

My very non-geek sister went though to take my niece, whos gotten into cosplay with one of her friends. She asked me if there was anything I'd like that she would recognize (again very non-geek) . Turns out Bob Budiansky was a guest, so:

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She said he was very nice.

-ZacWilliam, that's the cover of one of my favorite issues so I'm looking forward to the next time I see my sis. :)
Oh man, that was my first regular issue. I'd love something like that!


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From the Illinois State Fair. The winner of the Juniors Model-building competition (picture is mine, but not the items. I was just an attendee):


Which is funny, because some of you might remember that a year or two ago, my wife was entering some items in the fair and, browsing through the official list of categories, I noticed that the "Toy Vehicle Collection" rules specifically forbid Transformers. Look who has the last laugh now, State Fair Committee!!


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To be fair, those aren't vehicles, and they don't look like they even can transform.

No, those are definitely just the static model kits. I just found it funny that the rules specifically forbid Transformers in one category. I'm sure there's a story behind it.
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