The Kaiju Thread of Building-Smashing, Flame-Breathing, and Slam-Dunking


i cant take it anymore im at my limit
I said five years ago that hiring the Netflix Death Note guy to do Godzilla movies was a mistake.

I was absolutely right.


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I saw it; it's no Minus 1, but it's an okay movie.
I agree, its still pretty Kong-centric, and Skar King Louie is not an "A" level threat, IMO (if you didn't either hear "I Wanna Be Like You" and/or have to fight the urge to say "right turn, Clyde" every time he appeared on-screen...), although he makes a decent rival for Kong to de-throne.
I feel like Kong's little buddy (Suko?) should have been albino as a nod to the original Son of Kong.
Did Kong's glove have a shock attack? If so, that might have been a nice reference to the original King Kong vs Godzilla. Kinda want a Monsterverse Mechanikong, now, too.
Godzilla had a couple decent moments in the film, but definitely wasn't the star of the show.
Still waiting for Monsterverse Godzilla to use eye lasers; it would amuse me to no end if they made a subtle connection to the Hanna-Barbera Godzilla series.
I'm not sure how I feel about the slimming down of Godzilla Evolved; sorta reminds me of '98's Ferris Zilla's Day Off, and not the good bits. At least it's not super noticeable during the fights.
It does seem like Godzilla finally accepts Kong as an ally. If they make a third Kong and Godzilla buddy film, hopefully they can skip right to the team up.
IDK, I don't hate it, in fact I rather enjoyed the movie overall, but it's not the best Monsterverse film ever, just decidedly okay.

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Surprised there isn't more activity on this movie.

Saw it last night. Gave me exactly what I look for in movies like this kenetic easy to follow giant monster fights, with the human story being just enough to stitch those fights together.

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Just saw Minus One.

I usually roll my eyes at the lowest common denominator of human relatability but, gosh darn, it still got me. It always gets me in the end, gosh darn.

It's been hyped as super awesome so I'm semi grudgingly going with minus the super on it. But I'll still capitalize it as AWESOME! Watch it watch it!

Somehow, the first scene was more terrifying that the others. Cuz of the size and proximity?

Have to ask but where has Godzilla and King Kong canonical actually eaten a person?


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King Kong chewed on a few people in his very first movie, both when he busts through the wall on Skull Island, and when he rampages in New York. Not sure if he truly eats anyone, but he definitely bites them.

I don't know that the movies really show it, but in the novella of the first Godzilla movie, Godzilla is stalking and eating people on Odo Island when he first appears.

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