The Ever Popular, "What Are You Playing" Thread!


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Dragon Warrior III
Dragon Warrior IV
Dragon Warrior V
Dragon Warrior VI
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV

Dragon Warrior V and VI were Japanese exclusive Super Famicom games never released in the US initially. Same for Famicom Final Fantasy III. Dragon Warrior III had gotten a Super Famicom upgrade in Japan. So they used this version for mobile.


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Currently playing Watch Dogs Legion. One of the best things is randomly spotting a celebrity.

Mr. Bond.


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Super obsessed with Harvest Moon: Winds of Anthos lately. I've been posting about it in Mayhem. Scratches that laid back farming itch, and you can marry any of the candidates regardless of your MC's gender.

Kinda forgot about finishing Yakuza... whoops.

wonko the sane?

You may test that assumption at your convinience.
*lays head on desk*

I'm reinstalling fallout 4... again. When I built the new computer, I installed it by default, but I never had the patience or drive to install the mods I need to play it. I forgot to make the collection to upload to nexus. So I wound up uninstalling it a few months later cause I was tired of feeling like it was hanging over my head.

Tonight I reinstalled, and have spent 3 of the last 4 hours downloading the mods to install. Tomorrow I'll install and configure the mods, (and that includes, downloading the stuff I might have missed.) and might even have time to get started on a new game after dinner. Assuming I configured it right and nothing is conflicting.


Alright, so I think I got it, and there are no loot errors, let's go!

*plays game, everything is working*

Why is the hair colour wrong... ah, still missing the looksmenu compendium. *installs and plays*
Why is item pick up so bland? I remember it being more dynamic... Ah *installs jolly items sounds*
Why can't I drink this nuka cola straight? Damnit. *installs consume without pickup*
Didn't there used to be a raider in this house... right... *installs raider gangs extended*
Didn't geckos used to spawn at the red rocket ambush... of course. *installs mojave geckos*

Alright; so I haven't entirely rebuilt my mod list, but I'm almost there, and it's working great otherwise on the new computer. Thankfully I didn't have all that many "overhaul" style mods, but I got to say I am impressed with some of the updates in the last 7 months, especially with mutant menagerie. Folks are already abandoning the starfield modding scene, but fallout 4 is rolling strong.
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Finished most of Dissida Final Fantasy Opera Omnia for the story up to Act 3 and got everybody VIA Lost Chapters.

Also playing a few other Android games

Z Girls
Yu Gi Oh Duel Links
Final Fantasy III NES
Double Dragon IV

I did play a fair bit of Tekken 6.

Finished Street Fighter IV and beat the game with Cammy on Android.

Final Fantasy IX Disk 2 (PS Mini) (PS2)

Using the mini for gaging what level I need to be at.


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With some games discontinued online what games are you currently playing?

For me

Final Fantasy Opera Omnia (Ended

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links
Currently active

Duel Links has 8 generations active. I had only seen Series I of Yu Gi Oh 5 Ds and the series that started it on DVD.

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