Takara Missing Link G1 Series


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I love this, but I'm torn on the version to get. I have several G1 trailers already, so that's no draw. I love the molded "sticker" detail, which is so beautifully painted on the toy version, but I prefer the multicolored matrix, yellow waist details, and blue windows of the anime version.

I doubt it would be possible (or, at least that it would be easy) to buy both and Frankenstein a perfect version, unfortunately.


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• Die-cast metal parts for the figure cab front and possibly others.

• Character has gone back to the 1985 Japanese release name, "Convoy".

• The new points of articulation for the robot appear to be added to:
+ head
+ shoulders
+ fingers
+ wrists
+ thighs
+ knees
+ ankles
+ feet

• Hands no longer detach, but fold back into the forearms. The hinges can be seen on the truck cab mode.

• C-01 has YELLOW Eyes and Windows

• C-02 Anime Edition has BLUE Eyes and Windows as seen in cartoon.

• Matrix of Leadership mounts on plate in chest.

• C-01 has GOLD Matrix.

• C-02 has SILVER Matrix.

• Energon Axe weapon made of clear plastic.

• Original Bloated Ion Blaster weapon with hand post moved to the back.

• Standard display stand port added to back of robot for action poses.

• New trailer mold appears to have few design changes from the original version.

• Launcher has been removed.

• Service Module is now detachable.

• Roller has the warning light added.

• Roller's gun mount can be angled now.

• Has optional license plate stickers.

• Newly designed character profile card

• C-01 at ¥17,380 JPY / $121 USD.

• C-02 ¥10,780 / $75 USD

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In other news, the original G1 Prime is available as a KO here, for around 40 dollars:

- https://showzstore.com/4th-tf-op-g1_p4932.html


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Im very very hyped for this I did a count I have 4 G1 Primes

84 Sticker Trailer version
84 cab only
New Years Convoy with Mouse pad blue windows and blue eyes
25th Anni Optimus Prime

But you can never have to many Primes


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I have never experienced the G1 toy. This is what I was waiting for, and I didn't know it.


Maybe on a sale or something. $120 is a lot for a novelty but it is indeed a very novel novelty.

Cartoon colors misses the point so hard that it would just be wasting money.
For people like me who like to display the full truck mode AND robot mode together, these releases fit the bill.


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Cartoon colors misses the point so hard that it would just be wasting money.
I'll give TT credit- they're consistent at least.
MP-44? So devoted to cartoon accuracy the robot is almost entirely made out of faux parts. Still release toy coloured version.

Missing Link OP? Basically G1 toy with joints, lovingly recreating sticker detail with moulded and painted features, loveletter to the original figure. Still release cartoon coloured version.


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I'm trying to talk myself into seeing where the money goes, and honestly I think I can see it. Even without the trailer, the parts count on this thing has to be sky high. The shoulders have four joints each, and obviously none of them are ball joints. There are no shortcuts anywhere in the construction.

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No waist swivel though...

I haven't been dissecting photos like some have, but I recall seeing someone say one of the photos does show a waist swivel, that it is behind/below the bumper.

I got my toy version ordered. I'm much more of a toon guy usually, but I have Earthrise and I'm sure eventually SS86 for that. I never had OG G1 Prime, I had Powermaster. I loved his base mode, but he core bot mode seemed so lame compared to the original. This will scratch that itch, and is an awesome link to the alternate universe of box art bots.

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