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Wow, those hands just sit there in alt mode. I don't think that I will be picking this one up, but if I do, he will definitely stay in bot mode.


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I guess a lot of us were spoiled by the original's neat detail of having flip-out painted tail-lights that completed the look of the vehicle mode from all sides (sans underneath, of course).
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That transformation is beautiful.

Yeah, doesn't look as troublesome as the deluxe verison, the axe paint job lets this figure down, thou I'm not to worried as I have the same axe Emgo used in his video, with my WFC OP, thou I hope we get a repaint done similar to the Rage over Cybertron deco that the original got given, thou I doult that will happen, the most I can expect repaint wise is the standard Black repaint to Nemesis and then maybe a premium deco at some point


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