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So, yeah, I'm tired of wasting time in story mode just to unlock these costumes for free. It's no longer fun. I unlocked enough for free that the second tier of buying battle coins would net me enough to g the rest of the costumes... and I still had enough to unlock that i was just too much to get down to the first tier of battle coins. Sooo... I went and did it. I spent $12 to get the rest of the costumes.


I still don't like Luke. Sorry, but I think the game box ruined the character for me. But blue is my favorite color, so I think I'll go with the regular costume.


I Have no opinion on Jamie one way or the other. never really cared for the puffy look, not even back in the 80's when it was cool. So I'm going to have to go with the normal costume.


Too much froo froo. I hate froo froo. Normal costume wins by disqualification.


This i another one where I really like them both. The classic gets a slight edge only because it's classic and I'm used to it more. But the new cost really does suit him.


Okay, I may catch hell for this, but I've never cared for women this built. Never really cared for men this built either. It took me a lot of time, animation and games for me to warm up to Zangief, and I'm just not there yet with Marisa. But if they're going with a gladiator aesthetic, then the normal costume wins.

To be continued...



I do not like what they did with Blanka. They took a fearsome beast you do not want to run into and made him a stupid monkey. I'll go with clas just because...who ever thought overalls were a good idea?


Juri is my absolute favorite new character from IV. I'm glad they've made her a returning character. Base costume is reminiscent of her IV costume. Classic costume is her SF V costume only they had the guts to shoe the cleavage instead of covering it up with an undergarment. I like them both, but I think I like the base costume slightly edges out the downloadable one.


I'm going to have to go with the new costume honestly. I never understood, if Dhalsim is a good guy, let alone the more pacifist of the warriors, why does he wear three human skulls around his neck? It also makes sense that he's finally grown a beard.

To be concluded...



Well, I like how the regular costume goes more with the Indian, T-Hawks protégé aesthetic. But short shorts on someone who looks that young just feels a bit...skeevy. For that alone, I have to go with the download costume.


When I have no real opinion either way, I have to default to the classic.


Huh! Well, one stuffy, self-important snob vs. another. I got nothing here. I'm ju waiting for him to turn into Bison somehow.
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Nonstop Baaka
I like that Marisa's body type is so different. Wider diversity is nice, but all the women are still cute/sexy. I wonder if we'll ever see a much older female character...


Now that I'm done with all of those pictures, maybe now I can get down to some actual talk.

I went through the arcade modes for each of the characters that I hadn't already done. I'm not good with the mighty glacier types. But I got to see a bit more of Marisa through hers and other arcade stories. I think I like her as a character more now. I'm still crap with mighty glaciers, so neither she nor Gief will ever be my mains.

Now, for something I was wanting to ask (but was caught up with all those photos...who do you want back as DLC. SF V had a LOT of DLC fighters and I'm kinda hoping for the same here.

Sakura is an absolute must for me. With SF IV and SF V including her, she's definitely on the road of being a core fighter right alongside the World Warriors. She may be grown up at this point, maybe even with a husband and kids (a goal she was starting to yearn for during V). She may even have a "normal" job of some sort. Who knows. But when the chips are down, I'd have to think she'll have the back of the others when needed.

Also, since the main hub of story mode is Metro City, there needs to be some Final Fight representation here. Preferably I'd like to see Guy or Cody. But I'd also take Sodom, Poison or some of the ones introduced in V (Abigail, Lucia). Maki is way overdue for a reappearance (only having been in Alpha 3 for home versions and in one of the vs. SNK games. Heck, even Damnd has an asset in the game already. If they going to use Metro City as the main hub, I definitely want more FF characters in the roster.

Other characters I certainly wouldn't mind seeing include: Ibuki, Elena, C. Viper, Birdie, Sagat


Kimberly, top of the list! She's a fast character, easy to use to bring in beginners and spirited as all heck. She's unreservedly my top favorite of the new characters.

I'll tentatively put Lily on the list. She's got spunk and makes a nice counterpart to T. Hawk. But for pity's sake, either grow her up or cover her up.

I'll go ahead and put Marisa on the list. Seeing her story and personality has helped make me like her more. She also plays off Zangief really well. Besides, she's an absolute must if they bring back my next pick.

Manon. I could actually take her or leave her. But if they bring back Marisa, they have to bring back Manon. If they bring back Manon, they have to bring back Marisa. The arcade story arcs of these two played off each other so well; like Ken and Ryu, Chun Li and Guile, Cammy and Juri. These two made an instant duo that needs to be explored.

Luke is not my favorite, at all. He has the potential to mature a bit and maybe become a character I like. But right now Capcom seems to be really trying to make him the new poster child (which probably means we'll see him again whether I like it or not). But he's just not setting right with me.

Jamie. The only thing worse than being a character I actively don't like is being a character I keep forgetting about. He plays alright. He's interesting to use. But he's honestly that character in the character selection grid I keep forgetting is even there.

JP. So we have a new lead villain. Bison has been the only lead villain that seems to have stuck. Gill was introduced in three and then forgotten about until he became a DLC character in V. Seth was likewise reduced to a DLC fighter in V. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see what Capcom has in store for the new guy. He seems interesting enough if put to good use.


Maystor missspelur
Ok I im now convinced that whatever an NPC is wearing is a costume piece you can wear as well
I have found most of the pieces available so far with a few exceptions
Athletic top (I found the Athletic bottoms fighting the Heathnuts females on the Pier in Metro City)
Yellow Cannery Chinese Dress I seen both red, yellow and blue versions but have yet to see this anywhere for your character
Angel Wings (I have both the Devil Wings and tail but not seen the Angel Wings there an NPC you Nasall that has a set on)



Not really sure which I prefer. All things being equal, I tend to lean towards classic costumes. But it really is a close call.





These are just costumes for your World Tour avatar. So their expressions don't change at all, which is unfortunate because I really don't like Mike's smile. It looks off. Still, TMNT have now met MK characters and Street Fighter characters. Pretty awesome!


M Bison is now live. I was able to get through a 5 match arcade play through before going to work. Story's pretty interesting. Should've known nobody stays dead.

So at this point Street Fighter VI is only lacking one thing before I can call it better than V.


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