Police behaving badly


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It's ridiculous how many instances of the police being totally out of control I've come across recently.


The Canadian company Enbridge has reimbursed US police $2.4m for arresting and surveilling hundreds of demonstrators who oppose construction of its Line 3 pipeline, according to documents the Guardian obtained through a public records request.

Enbridge has paid for officer training, police surveillance of demonstrators, officer wages, overtime, benefits, meals, hotels and equipment.

Enbridge is replacing the Line 3 pipeline through Minnesota to carry oil from Alberta to the tip of Lake Superior in Wisconsin. The new pipeline carries a heavy oil called bitumen, doubles the capacity of the original to 760,000 barrels a day and carves a new route through pristine wetlands. A report by the climate action group MN350 says the expanded pipeline will emit the equivalent greenhouse gases of 50 coal power plants.

The project was meant to be completed and start functioning on Friday.

Police have arrested more than 900 demonstrators opposing Line 3 and its impact on climate and Indigenous rights, according to the Pipeline Legal Action Network.

Meanwhile across the pond is one that actually does seem to be a lone criminal cop and not a systemic problem:

The court heard how Couzens used the knowledge he had gained from working on Covid patrols in January and his Metropolitan Police-issue warrant card to trick his victim under the guise of a fake arrest for breaching coronavirus guidelines.
The 48-year-old, who had been a police officer since 2002, handcuffed her before bundling her into the car and driving away.

The abduction was witnessed by a couple travelling past in a car - but they believed they had seen an undercover police officer carrying out a legitimate arrest, so did not intervene.
The whole kidnapping took less than five minutes.


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It happened long enough ago that I've lost the link, but special mention has to go to all the police departments that tried to make their officers get the COVID shot and caved at the first sign of resistance.

I feel like if we started enforcing the vaccine on a nationwide basis for police departments, and instantly firing everyone who refuses, we'd have solved our bad cops problem overnight.

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Meanwhile across the pond is one that actually does seem to be a lone criminal cop and not a systemic problem:
No. Not really. The police came down like a tonne of bricks on women holding a peaceful vigil for Sarah Everard, the victim, back in March:

Also, last week, to test ridicule, the head of the Metropolitan (London) police had to suggest women try and get help from bus drivers if they get approached by male police in a suspicious way:



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Absolutely galling.
Yes he was armed with a knife. IN A ******* WHEELCHAIR. Absolutely no conditions were met for force usage, much less an overabundance of deadly force. WHAT THE ABSOLUTE **** WERE YOU THINKING?!!!!!

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...and Hell followed with him.
That cop fired eight shots in rapid succession, figured that wasn't enough, then fired a ninth after a brief moment of consideration. You know, just to make sure. What a hero.


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May he be convicted of his crime and put in general population. Then let nature take it's course.


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Los Angeles police have fatally shot a 14-year-old girl who was in the dressing room of a clothing store when officers fired at an assault suspect and a bullet went through the wall, authorities have said.

The Los Angeles County coroner identified the girl as Valentina Orellana-Peralta.

Officers also fatally shot the suspect on Thursday morning at a Burlington store in the North Hollywood area of the San Fernando valley, police said.

Witnesses told KCBS-TV that a man began acting erratically, threatening to throw items from the upper floor, and attacked a woman with a bicycle lock shortly before noon as the store was crowded with holiday shoppers.


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This isn't a shooting, but it's still infuriating.

I read or saw a documentary about this (by the BBC?) but I can't find it. Instead, fellow Brit, John Oliver will have to do:


In the article/documentary, it stated that the local government, in whatever state it was that had a high occurance of this problem, made it illegal for the police to do this, but the police continued to do it anyway...

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