List of Transformers Products Purchased in 2023


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So I guess something irreversible happened to the previous thread. Feel free to track your purchases for (the remainder of) 2023.


1). Legacy Senate Guard 2-Pack (Amazon)


2). Legacy Shadow Striker (Amazon)


3). Legacy Bombshell (Amazon)
4). G1 Skywarp Reissue (Pulse)
5). SS86 Ultra Magnus (Pulse)
6). SS86 Ratchet (Pulse)



7). Stranger Things Collab Code Red x 2 (Pulse)
8). Earthspark Nightshade (Wal Mart)
9). G.I. Joe Collaborative Soundwave Dreadnok Thunder Machine (Pulse)
10). HasLab Deathsaurus (Pulse)
11). G1 Hound Reissue ($10, Walmart)
12). SS86 Frenzy (BBTS)
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Thanks, Sciflyer. Sorry, all. In the fight to take out the spam horde there was a brief moment where the nozzle of bug spray was pointed in the wrong direction.


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That's okay. Bummer that it was lost, but I understand. Any chance we could get it pinned like before?


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Fortunately for me, I kept track off-site.


Legacy Minerva
Matrix Workshop M-25B Kit for GS Hot Shot
Swords for Convobat
Gap Fillers for Holiday Prime
115 Workshop YYW-HSTZ-16 Kit for Wildrider and Dead End
Go Better Studio GX-37B Kit for Cyclonus
Shockwave Lab SL-121 Kit for Black Shadow
Nonnef Productions Upgrade Kit for Pointblank
Shapeways Components (Apex Armory for Sentinel Prime)
Legacy Evolution Tarn
Legacy Evolution Leo Prime
YYW-35 Kit for Scourge
Upgrade Kit for Jhiaxus


Legacy Evolution Hot Shot
Legacy Evolution Needlenose w/ Sunbeam and Zigzag
Legacy Evolution Scraphook
Legacy Evolution Metalhawk
Legacy Evolution Twincast w/ Rewind
Shockwave Lab SL-108 Energy Sword for Jetfire
Armor Kit for Blitzwing
Spoiler for Breakdown
Mouth Cannon for SkyLynx
Gap Fillers for Needlenose
Gap Fillers for Breakdown
Swords for Tarn
DK-14S Upgrade Kit
Shockwave Lab SL-129 Gun for Jetfire
Go Better Studio GX-38 Gap Fillers for Iguanus
Superman Studio SPS-19 Kit for Pointblank
Matrix Workshop M-75C Gun for Dead End
Studio Series Freezer
Shapeways Components (Apex Armory for Sentinel Prime)
Weapon for Skywasp
Galaxy Shuttle Add-On
Shockwave Lab SL-169 Kit for Leo Prime
BDT Studio BDT-44 Weapon Kit for Huffer
BDT Studio BDT-37 Kit for Blitzwing
Weapon for Scorn
Upgrade Kit for Galaxy Shuttle


Legacy Evolution Breakdown
Matrix Workshop M-81 Kit for Elita One
Tim Heada TH-052 Kit for Leo Prime
Tim Heada TH-048 Kit for Flamewar
DK-38 Legacy Combiner Upgrade Kit
Generations Selects Guardian Robot w/ Lunar-Tread
Nonnef Productions Seeker Landing Gear (Black)
Nonnef Productions Breakdown and Wildrider Kit
Legacy Evolution Skyquake
RW-43R Furious Blade Red
RW-43P Furious Blade Pink
RW-43B Furious Blade Blue
MGS-03 Weapon Kit for Hound
Legacy Evolution Animated Prowl
Legacy Evolution Crashbar
Black Soil Lab BS-04 Upgrade Kit for Leo Prime
Go Better Studio GX-07 Kit for SG Slicer/Wheeljack
Matrix Workshop M-75D Kit for Breakdown
Masterpiece MPG-03 Trainbot Yukikaze


Missile and Cover Kit for Skyquake
Upgrade Kit for Twincast
SXS A-06 Kit for Skyquake
Sword for Skyquake
Hand Connector for DK-38 Kit
Bishoujo Optimus Prime
Superman Studio SPS-11 Kit for Blitzwing
BDT-38 Kit for Blitzwing
115 Workshop HSTZ-17 Kit for Kup & Wheelie
Gap Fillers for Origins Jazz
Gap Fillers for Scraphook
Buzzworthy Bumblebee Origin Jazz
Gun Storage Bracket for Menasor
Tim Heada TH-047 Kit for Hot Shot
Juqi Studio Gap Fillers for Leo Prime
RotB Battlemaster Rhinox
RotB Battlemaster Cheetor
RotB Battlemaster Skullcruncher
RotB Weaponizer Optimus Prime w/ Chainclaw
RotB Weaponizer Optimus Primal w/ Arrowstripe
Hip Joint Reinforcement for Doubledealer
Add-On Part for Super Megatron
Shockwave Lab SL-150 Kit for Metroplex
Superman Studio SPS-27A Kit for Spinister
BDT-53A Shin Extenders for Leo Prime
Tim Heada TH-050 Kit for SG Ultra Magnus
Matrix Workshop M-67 Kit for Blaster


Studio Series Sludge
Go Better Studio GX-42 Kit for Tarantulas
ZX-08B Kit for GS Galvatron
Matrix Workshop M-84 Kit for Alpha Trion and Orion Pax
RW-43O Furious Blade Orange
RW-43S Furious Blade Silver
RW-44PD Icon Blaster Deluxe
RW-44MD Icon Blaster Metallic Deluxe
RW-44BB Blue Blast Effect
RW-44BO Orange Blast Effect
RW-44BR Red Blast Effect
Transformers X Canon Optimus Prime R5
Transformers X Canon Refraktor R5
TIM Studio Upgrade Kit for Minerva
Superman Studio Upgrade Kit for Twincast
TIM Studio Upgrade Kit for Pointblank
TIM Studio Upgrade Kit for Metalhawk
TIM Studio Add-On Kit for Galaxy Shuttle
Matrix Workshop M-23X Upgrade Kit for Galaxy Shuttle
Superman Studio SPS-24 Add-On Kit for Metalhawk
Go Better Studio GX-49A/B Gap Fillers for Alpha Trion and Scourge
BDT Studio BDT-54B Cannons for SG Ultra Magnus
DK-39 Legacy Titan Upgrade Kit
Transformers Bishoujo Megatron
Micron Booster Wrench


Transformers Beast Wars Edition Monopoly
Tim Heada TH-056 Upgrade Kit for Skullgrin
Go Better Studio GX-40 Gap Fillers for Jhiaxus
BDT Studio BDT-40 Weapon Kit for Jhiaxus
Skyquake Minigun
RotB Battlemaster Optimus Primal
Buzzworthy Bumblebee Scorponok w/ Sandspear
Car Top for Hound/Hot Shot
115 Studio Upgrade Parts for Roadbuster (x2)
Nonnef Productions Skyquake Upgrade Kit
AMC Theaters Optimus Prime Popcorn and Drink Holder
DK-34 Upgrade Kit
BDT Studio BDT-42B Weapons for GS G2 Ramjet
Superman Studio SPS-23 Upgrade Kit for Needlenose
Superman Studio SPS-27B Gap Fillers for Rotorstorm
TIM Studio Weapon Sets for Stinger & Sentry
Weapons for Road Rocket
Gap Fillers for Needlenose
Legacy Evolution Axlegrease
Sword for TM2 Megatron
Nonnef Productions Optimus Prime Trailer Set
Tim Heada TH-057 Weapon Kit for Freezer
Primula Studio PRM-04 Rear Wheel Fixers for Motormaster
Shockwave Labs SL-163 Kit for GIJoe Megatron


Legacy Rise of Tyranny Set - Senator Ratbat & Miner Megatron
Weapons for Road Rocket
Shockwave Lab Gap Fillers for Refracktor (x2)
Shockwave Lab Gap Fillers for Clones
Legacy Humble Origins Set - Senator Shockwave & Orion Pax
Legacy Evolution Titan Nemesis
Tim Heada TH-042 Buzzsaws for Tarantulas
BDT Studio BDT-46 Weapon Kit for Tarantulas
BDT Studio BDT-50 Weapon Kit for Bludgeon
ROS-022A Gap Fillers for Fortress Maximus (x2)
Shockwave Lab SL-117 Riot Shield for Optimus Primal
Shockwave Lab SL-130 Micromaster Fortress
Legacy Toxitron Collection Laser Cycle
Legacy Toxitron Collection Cloudcover
Tim Heada TH-043 Kit for Inferno
Sharkwo Studio Kit for Orion Pax & Shockwave
TIM Studio Cannon Set for Megatron
Buzzworthy Bumblebee Tow-Line
Studio Series Bumblebee Brawn
Tim Heada TH-057 Legs for Freezer
BDT Studio BDT-56 Shuriken for Prowl
Superman Studio SPS-26 Gap Fillers for Prowl
Legacy Evolution War Dawn Set - Dion & Erial
Gap Fillers for Arcee/Road Rocket/Flamewar/Laser Cycle
Wheel Covers for Brawn


Arm Gun Adapter Kit for Tarn
Weapon Kit for Optimus Primal
Generations Volvo VNR 300 Optimus Prime
Legacy Evolution Armada Optimus Prime
Legacy Evolution Armada Megatron
DK-40 Upgrade Kit
Lunar Cruiser Optimus Prime
Legacy Evolution Medix
DK-30G Upgrade Kit
ZX Studio Upgrade Kit for Impactor
BDT-52 Weapon Kit for Starscream
Matrix Workshop M-77B Kit for Scourge
Matrix Workshop M-87 Kit for Tarn
MGS-X Upgrade Kit for Classics Bumblebee
Exhaust Pipe Gun for Animated Prowl
Gap Fillers for Animated Prow
ROS-025A Gap Fillers for Metroplex & Fortress Maximus
Legacy Toxitron Collection Sideswipe
Legacy Toxitron Collection Dead End
Legacy Toxitron Collection Jazz
DK-41 Upgrade Kit
Sword for Metalhawk
Fastener for Dead End
Gap Fillers for Junkheap
Gap Fillers for Miner Megatron
Tim Heada TH-069 Kit for Armada Optimus Prime
115 Workshop YYW-38 Kit for Orion Pax
Matrix Workshop M-69 Kit for Brawn
Legacy Evolution Deadeye Duel Set (Javelin Vs. Kaskade)
Forge of Solus Prime
Studio Series Brawn


Transformers Bishoujo Starscream (BBTS Down Payment)
Weapon Kit for Optimus Primal
Gun for Soundwave/Soundblaster
Arm Cover for Sideswipe (Grey x2)
Legacy Evolution Nova Prime
Drill Upgrade Kit for Brawn
Shockwave Lab SL-170 Kit for Victory Leo
Matrix Workshop M-80 Kit for Knockout
Go Better Studio GX-40B Kit for Jhiaxus
Arms Micron Plasma Burning Cheetor
Collaborative Jurassic Part Dilophocon & Autobot JP12
Legacy Evolution Trashmaster
Legacy Evolution Detritus
Legacy Evolution PRiD Strongarm
Upgrade Kit for Menasor
Matrix Workshop M-10B Kit for Ultra Magnus
Thigh Increase Parts for Ultra Magnus/Nova Prime
Masterpiece G MPG-04 Trainbot Suiken
Missile & Cover Kit for Dreadwing
Gap Fillers for Sideswipe
Gap Fillers for Jazz
Gap Fillers for Dead End
Gap Fillers for Arcee/Road Rocket/Flamewar/Laser Cycle/Erial (x2)
Sam's Forge Armada Megatron Upgrade Kit
Generations Selects Antagony
Superman Studio SPS-28 Upgrade Kit for Origin Bumblebee
Shockwave Lab SL-162 Upgrade Kit for Laser Prime
Tim Heada TH-063 Kit for Scraphook
Legacy Powerlinx Hot Shot w/ Jolt
Star Saber for Armada Optimus Prime
Gap Fillers for G2 Jazz
Wheel Covers for Brawn
Upgrade Kit for Miner Megatron
Replacement Claws for Trashmaster
Stickers for SG Ultra Magnus
Gun Adapter for Inferno/Antagony
Drill for Brawn
Upgrade Kit for Menasor
ROS-025A Gap Fillers for Metroplex/Fortress Maximus
Upgrade Kit for Strongarm
Upgrade Kit for Pointblank
Buzzworthy Bumblebee Troop Builder Multipack (Decepticon Seeker, Quintesson Trooper, Cybertronian Trooper, Autotrooper) x2


Sam's Forge Armada Megatron Upgrade Kit
BDT Studio BDT-49 Weapon Kit for Inferno
Go Better Studio GX-30C Kit for Clampdown
115 Workshop YYW-HSTZ-24 Feet for Ravage
Buzzworthy Bumblebee Troop Builder Multipack (Decepticon Seeker, Quintesson Trooper, Cybertronian Trooper, Autotrooper)
Upgrade Parts for SG Ultra Magnus
Filler Upgrade Kit for Autotrooper (x4)
Boxing Gloves for Autotrooper
Rise of the Beasts Battlemaster Wave 3 Case of 8 (Rhinox, Optimus Primal, Airazor)
War for Cybertron Trilogy Netflix Deseeus Army Drone
Filler Upgrade Kit for Tarn
Cannon for Miner Megatron
Studio Series Novakane
Legacy Evolution Devcon
RotB Burning Plasma Blaster
Superman Studio SPS-36 Upgrade Kit for Miner Megatron
Matrix Workshop M-86 Upgrade Kit for Leo Prime
Shockwave Labs SL-172 Upgrade Kit for PotP Optimus Prime
Gap Fillers for Brawn
Tim Heada TH-063 Kit for Scraphook (x2)
Upgrade Part for Senator Shockwave
Matrix Workshop M-93 Kit for Brawn
Collaborative Universal Monsters Frankentron


Masterpiece G MPG-05 Seizan
115 Workshop YYW HSTZ-15 Kit for Brawn
115 Workshop YYW HSTZ-21 Kit for Brawn
Shockwave Lab SL-120 Add-On for Huffer/Pipes
Tim Heada TH-057 Kit for Armada Megatron
Height Extenders for Nova Prime
Tim Heada TH-072 Kit for Freezer/Novakane
Tail Nozzle for Antagony
Gun for Antagony
TDW TCW-05 Upgrade Kit for Sixshot
Wheel Covers for Nova Prime
Gap Fillers for Nova Prime
Bishoujo Thundercracker (Pre-Order)
Shockwave Lab SL-173 Kit for PotP Nemesis Prime
Go Better Studio GX-52 Kit for Origin Jazz
Tim Heada TH-075 Weapons for Ratbat
Dr. Wu DW-M03 Orange Prime Sword
Nonnef Productions Siege Sideswipe Spoilers (Blue)
Nonnef Productions Siege Sideswipe Spoilers (Yellow)
Nonnef Productions Skyquake Kit
Nonnef Productions Legacy G2 Sideswipe Kit
Kingdom Sideswipe Arm Cover (White, x3)
Sword for Earthrise Optimus Prime
Gap Fillers for Holiday/VNR Prime
Collaborative Code Red


Tim Heada TH-075 Weapons for Ratbat
ZX Studio ZX-14A Matrix Sword
Tim Heada TH-038B Kit for Devcon
Kingdom Sideswipe Arm Cover (Black)
Matrix Workshop M-33B Weapons for Bruticus/Baldigus
Gap Fillers for Code Red
Gap Fillers for Medix
DK-42 Upgrade Kit
Collaborative GIJoe Soundwave
Go Better Studio GX-49C Gap Fillers for Senator Ratbat
Black Soil Lab BS-07A/B Kits for Jetfire
Superman Studio SPS-35 Kit for Armada Megatron
Tim Heada TH-063B Kit for Trashmaster
Nonnef Lambo Weapon Set
Shattered Glass Rodimus Vs. Sideswipe w/ Whisper
Legacy United Bouldercrash
Legacy United Tasmania Kid
Legacy United Animated Bumblebee
Legacy United Rescue Bots Chase
Legacy United Magneous
Legacy United Tigerhawk
Upgrade Kit for G2 Cybertronian Trooper (x3)
Go Better Studio GX-56 Upgrade Kit for Armada Prime
Go Better Studio GX-50 Upgrade Kit for Tarn
Black Soil Lab BS-05 Upgrade Kit for Tarn
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I also kept a copy off-site, just in case. My financial situation has taken a turn for the worse lately, so I'm going to have to pass on a bunch of stuff I was planning to get. I'm still going to get Snarl, Frenzy and maybe Bludgeon. Everything else I'll have to pick up later, if/when money is less of an issue.

January: $38.15
01: Beast Wars Vintage deluxe Retrax - $0.00
02: Legacy deluxe Buzz Saw - $18.02
03: Beast Wars basic Buzzclaw - $20.13

February: $120.95
04: Legacy: EVO deluxe Needlenose - $31.79
05: Studio Series 86 core Rumble - $9.00
06: Legacy core Bomb-Burst - $19.15
07: Dr. Wu Sword Dancer - $29.22
08: Legacy: EVO Leo Prime - $31.79

March: $33.90
09: Beast Wars Vintage K-9 - $33.90

April: $83.56
10: ROTB Battlemaster Cheetor - $3.49
11: ROTB Battlemaster Rhinox - $3.49
12: ROTB Battlemaster Skullcruncher - $3.48
13: Legacy: EVO voyager Twincast - $37.09
14: Retro 86 Movie G1 Starscream - $36.01

May: $76.43
15: ROTB Battlemaster Optimus Primal - $6.67
16: Legacy leader Transmetal 2 Megatron - $69.76

June: $0.00

July: $0.00

August: $0.00

September: $44.08
17: Generations Select Antagony - $44.08

October: $0.00

November: $17.54
18: Legacy: EVO deluxe Shrapnel - $17.54

December: $70.86
19: Studio Series 86.22 deluxe Brawn - $17.88
20: ROTB Battlemaster Airazor - $0.00
21: Legacy: UNI core Tasmanian Kid - $10.59
22: legacy: EVO deluxe Bombshell - $26.49
23: Walmart Arcee / Kickback set - $15.90
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So I just got a huge haul of loose recent TFs from the local Game Exchange. Like for less than $20 I got a couple Legacy figures complete, a bunch of blast effects(including Jetfire's and his chest shield), most of the Emperor Starscream accessories, and a ton of the weaponizers! I might have to go back for more next week!


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Those are some good finds! I wish that I could find some loose blast effects. I've really been into displaying my recent figures with them.

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Here is a pic of my haul in the trunk


Jetfire's blast effects were still sealed in the baggie.

Thylacine 2000

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ReAction Cyclonus
TM2 Megatron
Core Hot Rod
Funko Galvatron & Rodimus
Jada Galvatron
Ark (with gap-filler kit)
Deathsaurus (technically bought last year)

Overall an amazing year for big toys!
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I finally found Spike in his exosuit at Walmart yesterday when I went there to get some stuff for my youngest. Super happy to finally pick up an exosuit!


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SS86 Ultra Magnus
SS86 Ratchet

Magnus is good but Armada OP is superior if you are buying just one Commander class go with OP
Ratchet, aside from being a repaint of Ironhide suffers from the same flaw caused by bad desgining for the vehicle mode where the windscreen has nothing to lock into and the massive hings sticking out at the side of the vehicle, I'm starting to wonder if these two are cursed or something?

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Well yesterday was a big TF buying day. I got two Legacy RID2000 Scourges, and either a Minerva or an Override (Not sure which right now, as it was a long day and I just sort of got it.

They had a lot of the Velictron set at Ross. I was tempted to get that Cosmos, but I am pretty happy with the other version of him that I already have.


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Updated with my first purchases for October. Here's hoping more come soon. BBTS seems to be taking forever getting Devcon in.

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