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Well, the entire Pokedex has leaked at this point. Spoilers ahoy!
I'm still waiting for all the shiny versions to drop, but I think all the Pokemon that aren't DLC have leaked.
First off, a pastebin with the names of ALL the Pokemon and thier official Dex number. The new ones start in the 900s. If this link is right then our 1000th Pokemon is...Tinkatink, the first form of that new Fairy/Steel Pokemon with the Hammer. That's a...choice. The Dex stands at 1010.


A nice chart of all the new Pokemon in the game with types and names.


Minisprites for ALL the Pokemon in the game

There's no GREAT pictures, but the Dolphin evolving into a Superhero is just...weird.

Tatsugiri is a Sushi-fish. For real. This is a real part of the game. It's on a little bed of rice.

Squakabilly is just a great name, though.


Toedscruel looks really cool. Like a UFO. I'm a sucker for that glow.


I just like this Pokedex entry. Poor little puppy wants to be taken seriously.


Annihilape. A Primeape evolution. This is basically Akuma from Street Fighter.



Gimmighoul's evolution. A snow-boarding 7-UP mascot. (...I'm talking about Fido Dido...look it up)



Dun...Dunsparce. The Dunsparce evolution is real. It seems to have a variable number of segments.


How breeding works now. I guess the Breeding Center is just portable now. You can call it up whenever you like. Otherwise, I guess it works just like before? Good. I was a little worried, here.


All the special Crystallization Hats. This is such a WEIRD idea.


O-Powers/Rotom Powers make a return.

Our Legendary Quartet for this game all have Chinese names. Interesting. Maybe hinting at the next generation, already?

Wo-Chien the Grass Snail
Ting-Lu the Ground Ox
Chien-Pao the Ice Sabertoothed Tiger
Chi-Yu the Fire Goldfish


Our Ice/Dragon Braxcalibur. Someone REALLY likes Godzilla this generation.



Tandemaus and Maushold. The screaming mice starting a family. It's just cute.



Dachsbun is a good bagel...I mean boy....bagelboy?



Some Shinies.


A look at Paradox Ancient Suicune. Which...looks like a combined form of all the Legendary Dogs, to me. Really bad auto-translate from the Japanese version on the picture. There's some spoilery stuff involving the paradoxes. I'll spoil it below if you want to avoid story stuff.
Apparently, the Paradox Ancient/Future Pokemon are..."imaginary"? I think it's kind of like "New Dinosaurs" and "After Man" by Dougal Dixon or "The Future is Wild" specials on the Discovery Channel. Speculative books that...somehow come to life? It's kind of a weird idea, and I've been half-avoiding spoilers so don't take my word as gospel right now.

There's ALSO a possibility this is tying into the weird meta-story about the Pokemon Multiverse that Gamefreak has been hinting at for YEARS now. These MIGHT be like Ultra Beasts and Eternatus. Pokemon from a alternate dimension. We'll see what gets hinted at in the game.'s some baseless theory-crafting. What if BOTH Paradoxes are from alternate futures? One were humanity helps "improve" Pokemon with cybernetics...and another future where humanity goes extinct and Pokemon start to revert back to their wild roots?
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YES! I see the Fenniken line in that pic. I can finally bring my Shiny Delphox out of the box along with my Shiny Greninja. Best news for this game yet!


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Concerning the anime:
I honestly can't tell if this is them writing Ash out of the anime or not. If so...that's going to be a BIG change.

But, it's a good way to end on, if they do, I guess.

I'd still like to know who his dad is, but I guess that ship's sailed by this point.

And probably the final Scarlet/Violet spoilers for now. All the shinies got leaked.
One last warning.
Another version of the regular forms for comparison:


The starters' shinies are a little underwhelming. I guess I like Quaxly's the best out of these, but I wish they were better.

Lokix looks a little disappointing. It's just a dull gold. Maybe it looks better if I see a bigger picture, but I'm a little underwhelmed.

Rebsca the Rose Spider gets a nice shiny. A gold body and a red flower. I could see that one being popular.

Greavard will probably be popular, but it's shiny doesn't do a lot for me, personally.

Sandy Shocks the Ancient Paradox Magneton actually looks pretty nice in black. That design is still wonky, though.

Kingambit the Bisharp evolution is blue. As expected. It looks nice, though.

Farigarif the Garifarig evolution looks nice in red. And it's got a cute little blue nose.

Veluza the barracuda looks nice in green. I like it.

Varoom the engine looks nice. It just turns gold/bronze, but it looks nice.

Klawf the sand crab turns a nice powder blue. I'm always a sucker for that shade of blue.

Toedscruel the toadstool Tentacruel looks good in pink. But, again, I'm a sucker for glowing.

Wo-Chien the grass snail looks nice with red leaves.

All the Violet Future Paradoxes turn silver. They look nice with their lights. It's classy.

Koraidon looks really nice in black.

I'm calling it now, Chi-Yu the fiery goldfish will be the most popular shiny of this generation...if it isn't shiny locked. Those blue flames are just cool!


A closer look at Shiny Iron Valiant the Gallade/Gardevoir Violet FutureParadox.


This Dex entry's just kind of funny. Corviknight's afraid of Tinkaton the Hammer Fairy.


And confirmation that you WILL be able to change your Pokemon's Tera type in-game. As long as you have enough shards. Annoying, but fine.



This is interesting. I wonder if all the of the Chinese Quartet are formerly humans?


Paradox Future Virizion. DLC only. Again, you'll notice it seems to be a fusion of the Swords of Justice like Paradox Suicune is a fusion of the Legendary Dogs.


And this is our teaser for the Third Legendary.

Sounds like it'll be DLC only. And it seems to be connected to the Crystal Hats/Terastallization phenomenom.

A translation of the Chinese text:

"This is a paragraph in Chinese with a few characters blanked out. It is quite easy to infer the original text in conjunction with the picture:

与观测队散时 - When separated from the observation team members
觉自在巨坑的底 - At the bottom of the great pit I feel myself
了奇的物体 - Spotting a peculiar object.
我甚还不道那神秘的物体 - I don't even know if that mysterious object
是否是可梦是否着的 - Is a Pokemon, or if it is alive.
外壳由多层 - Its outer shell consists of multi-layered
体构,比宝还闪耀 - Hexagonal objects, more brilliant than precious stones.
那形状简直就像是圆 - Its shape pretty much resembles a sphere."

This guy will get ALL the Hats!

...I was kind of kidding about that, but that actually seems pretty likely. If this Pokemon is behind the Hats, it might be able to swap Tera Types at will.

So, with all this...I'm KIND of leaning towards Violet. I'm a sucker for giant robots.

And Fuecoco DOES have the coolest looking evolution. And fire type is handy to have. Leaning towards the fire croc.
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So I just happen to think, in previous generations you defeated gyms in order to earn medals to control higher level pokemon. I forget what Arceus did, but I think it basically amounted to finishing each area.

But from what I hear, Scarlet/Violet has three different paths you can pursue at any time (gyms, rare pokemon, Team Rocket type save the world story). It makes me wonder how they're going to track what level pokemon you can have. I can't imagine they're just going to let me transfer a bunch of lvl 100 pokemon from Home and proceed to breeze through the game.


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Home compatibility isn't slated until Spring so it's not going to be an issue for a while.....


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Legends Arceus had it tied to Pokedex Star Ranking/number of Pokemon caught and tasks completed.

HOPEFULLY, you'll be able to catch any level Pokemon at any time. They probably won't all obey you until you've gotten enough badges, though. I don't think I saw anyone talking about in around different places, though.
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The obvious way to keep it basically the same while accounting for non-linearity is to tie it to the total number of badges instead to the "highest" one you have.


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For those of you who preordered at Gamestop, your store *may* be participating in a midnight release.
My store said "as far as I know, yes." I know there's a chance that they might not be able to last minute, but I'll take that chance.


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I will hopefully pick up my copy after I get off work tomorrow. I don't see a Gamestop store closing anytime before 9PM on a Friday night, especially at this time of year.


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I just went through character creation. I'll have to wait until tonight to really get into it though. Except for eye and lip color, I just went with one of the presets. Couldn't think of a name, so I just went with Adora. I guess for some reason She Ra's on the mind.


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Sometimes peer pressure helps. I was wondering what I was going to name it when she said that and it was just like, duh! Why didn't I think of that?

Of course now my first Decidueye will have to be Bow and my first Terastal will have to be Glimmer.

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