Gotta Catch 'Em All! - Pokémon Thread


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Was able to snag the Charizard UPC today from a Gamestop. I know everything that’s in it, but I can’t wait to get home from work in the morning and open it.


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Also, Foongus/Amoongus...but Voltorb did do it first.

There's also another video which gives us a little pop-up book story about this Pokemon.
So, does anyone else think they look like the Reddit Mascot, General Snoo?

There's a joke here, but I'm not clever enough to come up with it at the moment. I'm going to have to look up good reddit-bashing jokes on reddit later.

I'll admit, I'm not clear on what Gimmighoul's gimmick is.

It looks like both forms are available in S/V, so I'm not sure what connecting to Pokemon Go actually gets you. Can you ONLY catch the Roaming form after luring it with coins you get from Go? Do you only start seeing it after connecting to Go?

And, with all this talk about "coins", I have to wonder if this is our "Collecting" Pokemon for this generation. Like Zygarde cells in S/M. The Swords of Justice hoofprints in SWSH. Or Spiritomb whisps in Legends Arcues. Will we have to collect 100 coins before we can lure a Roaming form to us?

The antenna kind of reminds of the Item Finder in some generations. I wonder if this Pokemon will sub in for that item?

Overall, it's a fine Pokemon. But, maybe I'm overthinking it? *shrugs*
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Spoilers are starting to trickle out for those that dont like the direction marketing is taking with the lack of new pokemon.


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You know, I love the Pokemon games and all. But not having seen any of these spoilers, I could probably tell you the entire story of the upcoming game.

Trainer comes of age and gets first Pokemon. Trainer catches a bunch of pokemon, challenged a bunch of other trainers to battles, stops an evil gang from destroying the world and beats the Elite 4 to become champion.



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A new trailer for Scarlet and Violet dropped. Not much we haven't seen. Although, there are two surprises to keep a eye out for. And I kind of dig the song.

We get to see two more new Pokemon! Who're those Pokemon?!
"Great Tusk" and "Iron Treads" which both seem to be Donphan evolutions! Or ancient/future versions, whatever those get called.

Version exclusives, probably.

And, I'm guessing those names are placeholders, because those are NOT Pokemon names. Probably their descriptions.

Also, new Pokemon are finally getting leaked at a break-neck pace. Be careful of spoilers. We've seen Fuecoco's evolution line, at this point.

Here's a thread that seems to be posting all the leaks, starting on page 50:

Spoilers below
Seriously, SPOILERS, last chance!


Fuecoco's final evolution. Apparently, the bird on it's nose plays it's face like a instrument.


Sprigatito's second stage. I didn't see the yo yo coming.

And the final form. I guess Meowscarada is a magician.


And a tease of the Quaxly line. No full Pokedex page, yet.



Lokix is SO COOL. Kamen Rider Black vibes. I bet it's shiny will be AMAZING!


I have no idea why this looks SO MUCH like a Mario Bros Mushroom. in Na Cl...Sodium Chloride...table salt...that's pretty good.


Lechonk's evolution.
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Fuecoco's final evolution makes my brain super happy. I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but man that rockets up to the top of my favorite starters list.


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Now I'm hoping that Meowscarada is fake. Not a fan. Hoping it looks better without the dumb pose/look. I also saw a few that you missed, Zaku.


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More leaks! Proceed with caution!
Again, I'll give one LAST CHANCE to turn back. You've been fairly warned!
We have SO MANY Paradox past/future Pokemon!

From what I understand all the Future Pokemon are in Violet and all the Prehistoric Pokemon are in Scarlet.


Tyrantitar is just Mecha Godzilla. I love it!


All the Violet Future Paradoxes. I really like Volcarona and Tyrantiar. Mecha-Delibird is giving me Doraemon vibes.


All the Scarlet Past Paradoxes.

I think I like this Donphan form better than the future version. And Salamence is looking pretty cool.

Magneton's legs are weird, though. seems like they're sticking with the odd names for these guys for some reason. It's weird. Here's some charts:



Sprigatito's line's getting Protean as a hidden ability. We know who all the competitive players will be playing.

Box Legendaries:

Koraidon is Pokemon 999. We WILL get to Pokemon Number 1000 this generation, just by mythicals alone!

And...uh...interesting Ability name. "Orichalcum Pulse" ...the Yu-Gi-Oh comparisons are strong with these guys. (Yeah, I know it's a actual-mythical metal from Atlantis, it's just a weird choice)

A early Pokedex list (without would think we'd get the names of all the Pokemon by now)


A Bisharp evolution. Looking pretty good.


And a Dex entry for Floragato to end things on.

EDIT: More leaks.


A better look at one of the new Tauros forms. It's fighting type.



A better look at Quaxly's evolutions


Flamigo...just looks like a flamingo...but it's neck is tied, so that's kind of horrifying?


This one's kind of neat. A fairy with a hammer.


We have a dolphin! It's cute.


We finally get a name for the engine-Pokemon. Revavroom!


The two Armor-mon's pre-evo.


Greavard's evolution.


A Fidough evolution. This is going to be a favorite.


And last but not least...SHINY LECHONK!
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You know, at first I was going to go for Scarlet, but the more I see the more I'm leaning towards Violet.

I won't be getting both, at least not right away. Finances just don't allow. I actually really hope we can see what all of the version exclusives are before it hits to help me decide.


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I've got plenty of other things to play first so I'll just wait it out like I did with SwSh probably. Don't know if I'll wait as long, depends on how it all looks and getting through everything else I've got lined up ahead of it.


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I'm working on post game Dragon Quest XI. After that, I'll be quite ready for another Pokemon game.


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You know, at first I was going to go for Scarlet, but the more I see the more I'm leaning towards Violet.

I won't be getting both, at least not right away. Finances just don't allow. I actually really hope we can see what all of the version exclusives are before it hits to help me decide.
do what I did: get one now and check out the other one later down the line when they rerelease it bundled with new DLC.

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