Diaclone Reboot

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I love the ambition of these videos, but I still miss the stop motion of the old commercials.


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So Pod Gantry arrived this morning, and I placed all the mag stickers, but there's a little sheet of non-magnetizing caution stripes, I don't know where they go, and I can't find them in any pics. Anyone got better eyes than me?
Also all of those orange hangar lights? All of them are light-piped. So tasty.
Now this is a hangar. The expansion system lets you put the segments in any order you want.
The gantry packs completely into its module. And the cherry picker lift has a hitch on the back that lets it peg down securely.
And now Battle Convoy is completely upgraded.
The whole enchilada. The fully loaded potato. LOOONG LOOONG MAAAAAAAAN!
After a more thorough examination of the manual, I found where the caution stickers go.
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With a bit of finagling and a few of the little raid chamber mounting bolts, I managed to stow every loose component left over from the full combo with room left over for some of the trailer set dressing bits.
The larger cockpits now descend into a little control area.
Only two minor complaints, I wish the molded doors in the pod gantry cockpit actually opened, and I wish the L Launchers had a better way to secure to the hangar. Right now they're using the rail-to-peg adapters from the weapons set to mount to the floor. I would have liked them to be able to use their own pegs to mount onto the hangar walls and act as holders for the extra arms, but the way they're molded it just doesn't work. Their pegs don't quite reach the wall. But those are nitpicks, I could photograph this thing for days.
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