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Somehow when the forums came back, I completely forgot to bring back this thread. Quite simple. Post a video of a song done by the original group then post a (some) video(s) of cover versions that you've seen. If you like, compare/contrast and tell which is your favorite...but most importantly, lets post some music.

Genesis (original)

Disturbed (cover)

Funny enough, Disturbed was the first version I heard and I didn't even realize it was a cover until recently. That kind of gives it the "first version I heard" advantage.

As far as the videos go, there was just too much background noise in the Genesis version. Just let us listen to the song, damnit! I also like the anime style of Disturbed. Those puppets Genesis used were just creepy.

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Mussorgsky gets drunk and writes down some raw inspiration. It's considered disorganized and meandering, and rejected for performance.

Mussorgsky completely rewrites it into an opera piece, and sticks it in random operas to get around the whole rejected for performance thing. The operas all get canceled.

Rimsky-Korsakov removes the vocal parts from the opera version and rewrites it into a pretty concert piece, with a lot of his own ideas thrown in there.

Stokowski attempts to rewrite the Rimsky-Korsakov version back into something more faithful to Mussorgsky's opera version, though still without the vocal parts. Not having access to Mussorgsky's sheet music, he just completely guesses how it might have sounded. He guesses wrong. But it sounds cool as hell.


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Nekrogoblikon's cover. It's a fever dream.

Anthony Vincent does it in the style of Ghost.

Halocene and Lauren Babic? Yes please.

And of course Melodicka Bros "Way Too Happy" cover.


I got Paramount Plus, so I watched every Mission Impossible movie last week. So of course I came across this song that I've loved ever since the first time I heard it on Rain Man.

James 'Sugar Boy' Crawford - Original
I hadn't even heard this version until 5 minutes ago.

The Belle Stars
This is the version that plays in Rain Man (as you can probably tell by the video. This is my favorite version. It's the first version I heard. It also has the most energy...and bass drum. Gotta love that freaking bass drum! 😍

Zap Mama
This version plays in Mission Impossible II. I guess Tom Cruise has a thing for this song. This version changes the lyrics. Except for the rhythm, I can't believe they even gave it the same title. It's absolutely not the same song. Not saying it's bad or anything, just, it's not the same song.


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